My Christmas Present to Myself

Do you buy yourself a Christmas present? I do! I know it’s decadent and spoilt, but at this time of year if I buy anything for me that I don’t actually need, I call it my Christmas present. This year it was an impulsive “I-must-have-this-right-now” purchase of these lovelies.
christmas present

And best of all, not only are these beautiful, gradually self-striping yarns utterly yummy from the Danish Kauni yarns, but I bought them both with a pattern in mind. More on that later.

One of the many knitting aims I have is to make something Norwegian and colourful. I also now have a time-line as I’m going to see this,

northern lights

Northern Lights

and this

Night Life

Night Life

on this



at the end of March. In other words, I have treated myself to a cruise, involving lots of knitting and crochet, to see the Northern Lights. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for the longest time. Although the boat part is making me a little nervous. I’m not big on boats. So to make me feel courageous, I must have something Norwegian to wear!

The pattern is a lovely Norwegian snowflake long skinny scarf pattern by Juliet Bernard that I came across totally by chance in the current edition of “The Knitter” (79th Issue). Unfortunately I cannot show you a photo of it as I’ve not been able to find one anywhere and I shouldn’t really reproduce something out of a magazine. But it is really pretty. And I promise to post updates!

In the meanwhile, the yarns look like this knitted up.
kauni2 kauni3The snowflake pattern is produced by the vibrant yarn against the backdrop of the more subtle colours of the other skein. But they both change colours gradually. I’m so in love! So now, I’m hoping to finish my sister’s blanket ASAP. And my lace jumper even sooner. Everything else will just have to fall in line after my Norwegian snowflake scarf! Can’t wait!



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