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5 Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Since I’ve been bitten by the Tunisian crochet bug, I’ve been scouring the web for good patterns. I’m not quite ready for striking out on my own with anything more complex than a scarf. I know that it is possible … Continue reading

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Beginner’s Knitting Patterns

After the inspirational knitting blog entry, I needed to lie down in a dark room with a wet cloth on my head! So as a direct result, I’ve gone ahead and collected some truly beautiful and simple knitting patterns, which … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful (and FREE) Crochet projects

There are frequent occasions when I’m overawed by the beauty of things. Nature, human kindness, my children, the difference a smile can make. Oh yes, and crochet! Time and time again, I’ve come across beautiful textured and coloured crochet projects that … Continue reading

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Knitted hats and more hats – Two Patterns

So last week I was crocheting. This week, I’ve been knitting. This is the result:   I love the colour and wanted to add texture to the hat (perhaps it’s a little over done now). The hat’s rim is double … Continue reading

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Finger Knitting – a Tutorial

I’ve noticed that there are two types of new knitters – those who take to the idea of knitting with needles easily and those who really struggle with the concept of “making stitches with chopsticks”. (I can’t claim to have thought … Continue reading

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Spring Inspiration – a collection of patterns

Now that Spring is officially here,  I’ve been looking around for inspiration for lightweight spring-like patterns. I’d like to share them with you. My current favourite is called Spring Cloud – the shawl neck and the combination of mohair and merino … Continue reading

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Knitting in Colour

For me using yarn is about having knitting in colour. I don’t think I could ever craft with a colour I don’t like. Or something entirely in black – a colour I have a love-hate relationship with. However I’ve found … Continue reading

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Easy Boot Socks – a Pattern

I’ve been flirting with knitting socks for quite a while. I’ve even bought some hand-dyed sock yarn for the purpose. Of course, life intervened on my dreams of cables and lace entwined in knitting harmony. I have four pairs of … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Knitting

It’s almost that magical day. Are you stumped for that special present for your loved one? I’m a bah-humbug person around Valentine’s Day – although I was the lucky recipient of a very romantic, down-on-one-knee-with-ring-in-hand proposal a good number of … Continue reading

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Cowl Inspirations from Spring Cleaning my Stash

I’ve been having  a little clear out of my yarn stash and pattern ideas recently. Like many, I have a number of one/two skein “wonders” and it is difficult to know what to do with them all. With the change … Continue reading

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