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How to Guide to Nupps in Lace Knitting

So I’ve committed to knitting the Floral Tunic from the gorgeous Lovely Knitted Lace by Brooke Nico. I’m plugging away and I am six pattern repeats away from the end of the body i.e. quite a way to go. But … Continue reading

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The Kitchener Bind-Off – a Tutorial

Recently, I wrote a post about the many different ways of joining crochet¬†which got me thinking. How about joining knitting? Perhaps the most requests I have from more advanced students is to learn how to join and finish their work. … Continue reading

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Double Knitting – an Epic Fail

I’ve been hunting around for a bit of a challenge and in passing I opened up a pattern book I haven’t browsed for a while. I came across a wonderful jacked in double knitting with a modern Scandinavian pattern on … Continue reading

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Knitting Stripes in the Round

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting in the round recently. And for all its ease and convenience, knitting stripes in the round has left me a little baffled. Please don’t say you can’t see it. It’s there. A sort … Continue reading

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How to Fix Mistakes in Cables

Mistakes in Cables – how they come about I’ve been doing a fair amount of cable knitting recently, and in my mind, Cables and Christmas are firmly entwined. However, I dislike using cable needles, do lose concentration if I’m talking … Continue reading

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Washing Knitting

So many people are courageous enough to knit “off-pattern” but go to pieces at the thought of washing knitting. There really are very¬†few rules to follow to have long lasting clean knitwear. And here they are: Start thinking about washing … Continue reading

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Bind-Off in Knitting

Bind-Off How many times have you bound off too tightly? Just last week, I finished off a hat (the one to match the felted bag!) and it was so tight, I couldn’t fit it on to my youngest son to … Continue reading

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