Easy Knit Stripy Baby Blanket – a pattern

Just in time for Christmas and in this case, just in time for the birth of a baby, I’ve finished the baby blanket. It was a special request – yarn colours specially picked and truth be told, it’s not your standard baby blanket. I love it. Stripy baby blanket

It is a simple stocking stitch knit, alternating two colours every third row for two rows. And joining as you go.
Stripy Baby BlanketThe only twist is to join the squares so that the stripes make up this eye-popping pattern. I then edged the whole thing in three rows of crochet – two in double crochet and one in half treble. The request was to make nothing lacy, so I abstained from my more usual fancy edgings. Plus of course, it would have looked a bit odd with the stripes. I think a nice i-cord edging would also have been good, but I did not have the time to start picking up all the stitches and crochet is just so much quicker!
Crochet edgingIf you’re interested in making this easy knit beauty, here is the pattern:
I used three colours (navy, bright green and red) of 6ply yarn held double with 6mm knitting needles. In total, I used six skeins of the bright green and four each of the navy and red. If you use bulky weight yarn, you will use half of this amount of course! In total, I think I used 1,200m of the bright green and 800m each of red and navy but I do have yarn left over. The blanket is 1m x 1m i.e. each square is 50cm in length and width.
Stripy baby blanket

This is the most important thing about this pattern – you need to work out your gauge so that your knitting is a square.
My gauge was 16 stitches x 20 rows = 10 cm squared. As it worked out, I cast on 77 stitches and knitted 90  rows.

I joined the squares as I knitted. If you don’t fancy that challenge, just knit four squares and sew them together at the end.
Square 1
Cast on 77 stitches in your main colour (A). In stocking stitch, knit two rows – stitch 1 and stitch 77 should be knit as selvedge stitches. Without cutting colour A, in stocking stitch knit with colour B for two rows. Repeat this process, running the unused yarn up the side of your work loosely, until your work is a square. Bind off.
Square 1Square 2
With Colour C (not your main colour), pick up and knit 77 stitches on the side of the first square (this is why those selvedge stitches are so handy). Make sure you space your stitches evenly so your work doesn’t pucker. Carry on knitting in stocking stitch for two rows at a time with colour A and C – see Square 1, casting off when your work is a square.
Square 2Square 3
With Colour A, pick up and knit 77 stitches on the side of the second square and carry on knitting as established in the other squares with colour A and colour B. Cast off when your work is a square.

Square 4
With Colour C, pick up and knit 77 stitches etc. etc.
On this last square you can knit the last stitch of your work together with the side of square 1 to join the entire blanket, however if this is too much to think about, just knit Square 4 as before and sew together at the end.
Joined squares

Add an edging – as stocking stitch is so curly, you will need to add something quite substantial to weigh the fabric down. I used three rows of crochet stitches – alternating the colours for Row 1 and the main colour A for rows 2 and 3. You can try i-cord bind off as an alternative. You will stick need to block your work. I didn’t block this blanket as I’m sure the new mother will wash it anyway!

That’s it for 2014 – I don’t think I’ll have time to produce any more patterns this year. Hope you enjoyed making my patterns! See you back in 2015.


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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2 Responses to Easy Knit Stripy Baby Blanket – a pattern

  1. Wendy says:

    Very nice!
    The colours really pop don’t they, I nearly went cross eyed 😉
    I was thinking you must be very fast with those needles!

    • monsteryarns says:

      I was really sceptical about the colours at first but once I got going, they sort of felt right. Perhaps as I’ve been knitting a lot of neutral colours, I just really went for it!
      I do a lot of commuting so I do the majority of my knitting then. Very oddly, I noticed that I’m half as fast in the mornings. Odd!

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