When Generations Come Together

There are some  people who stay with you for life. Even after they have moved on. For me, my Mother is that person. She died over three years ago but I think of her every day, and still catch myself wanting to share news, a funny story, something annoying she’d specifically understand. She was the one who knitted for me throughout my life. Some I recall with much fondness – a beautiful navy blue jumper with white snowflakes at the front, and some with some hilarity – knitted trousers which were quickly turned into knickerbockers after a rather wet day! I truly regret not asking her to teach me how to knit without a pattern. She would look at you, squint a bit, make some mental calculations and a garment would fall off her needles.

Her last gift, she didn’t have the strength to complete. The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk in the most gorgeous burnt orange that I adore. The thought was that she’d make me a snazzy funnel necked jumper with loose cables at the front and 3/4 sleeves.

Mock cable

There was no problem with the cables. Or the back. Fun started when she tried sewing the pieces together and cast on for the sleeves. Of course it was my fault that my head was too big! Somehow that jumper never got finished.


Together with her yarn and knitting needles, I squirrelled it away until it was rediscovered recently in a workroom reorganisation. Somehow, inspiration hit me. Saddle sleeves! Of course!! I set to work and although the tension is different and setting in the sleeves isn’t neat, I have a fully functional jumper.
Finished jumperAnd here is the saddle sleeve inset for my “big” head.
saddle shouldersI love it that it blends Mother and me – both our creativity. And that I can wear it and remember where and when we bought the yarn together and the look on her face when realisation dawned about the size of the neck hole. I won’t be wearing it on Christmas day. I am saving it for days when I feel low. But I hope that where-ever she is, she is proud that I finished her work.


About monsteryarns

I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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6 Responses to When Generations Come Together

  1. creative pixie says:

    Great colour and an excellent project, I’m sure your Mum would be proud.

  2. I love this, we knitters often inherited our knitting genes, your blog made me think of my own mother a demon at fair isle, and I remember a hat….. well let’s just say I remember and it feels good. Happy, happy Christmas, love Susan x

  3. RobbieRobeen says:

    How beautiful that you were able to finish her work and, in my opinion, you did a wonderful job. My grandmother who has been gone nearly 30 yrs. crocheted lacey doilys without a pattern and they were beautiful. I, too, still want to share a story with her or ask her a question now and then. ☺️

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