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Ski Masks Galore

Although I was only asked to make one ski mask, I got a bit carried away. It seems the boys are happy and now I know they’ll be warm too. When I was knitting the Wicked Woolens Dwarven Battle mask, … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful (and FREE) Crochet projects

There are frequent occasions when I’m overawed by the beauty of things. Nature, human kindness, my children, the difference a smile can make. Oh yes, and crochet! Time and time again, I’ve come across beautiful textured and coloured crochet projects that … Continue reading

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Planning the rest of my life

I now fully understand this. I turn listlessly from one project to another. Plan a bit. Turn pages on patterns. Rewrite a few. But I sort of miss not having  a huge project to keep me busy. Perhaps it’s because … Continue reading

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Crochet hats and more hats

I don’t know about you but I quickly feel the cold. I’m sure I’m more suited to living on a tropical island with ambient temperatures all the time rather than seasons. Although I would miss seeing Nature change her look, … Continue reading

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Crochet Circles Rug – a Pattern

It’s been a long time coming and my son has been more than patient – I have finally finished the rug that I promised him for our move out of London. In time for our second house move. Well, better … Continue reading

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It DOES Matter Where You Put Your Hook

When I learnt to crochet, my Mother was really specific about where I needed to place my hook in each stitch. There was most certainly a Right and a Wrong way of doing things. As I look around at others’s … Continue reading

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Citrus Placemats – A Quick Summer Make

Whilst I’m counting the days to our holiday (still too many), mentally preparing for our house move and working on those WIPs, I wanted something bright and colourful on the table at mealtimes. My two are now old enough to … Continue reading

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Granny Squares and their Uses

I do love Granny Squares. Their “squareness” always surprises me. Their colour range is endless and most crocheters keep their first wobbly attempt at making one. However their versatility is underplayed. Just a quick scoot around my normal knitty haunts … Continue reading

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Knit + Crochet

There are so many knitters/crocheters who know exactly the type of project they’re interested in – socks, baby projects, blankets, granny squares, decorative items …the list of course is endless. I haven’t yet discovered the one thing that I would … Continue reading

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Ill-behaved Projects

There are projects that don’t ever feel right. It doesn’t matter what you do – there is a little voice nagging to change/add/undo/redo something about it. My current ill-behaved project is this summer top I made last year. It’s DK … Continue reading

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