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The Best Knitted Christmas Decorations

Christmas is very firmly just around the corner and there is no point ignoring it. And if you give in gracefully, it is possible to make the most beautiful decorations for your home and presents – and there is still … Continue reading

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Warm Weather Yarns

Even if I lived in a hermetically sealed house far away from the world, I would know when the temperature started increasing in the UK. Visitors and sales to my site just drop off the cliff. I know that only the truly … Continue reading

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Knitting or Crochet?

So which came first – chicken or the egg? What has that to do with knitting or crochet, I hear you wonder. Well, literally everything. Since the beginning of time man has been mulling over the chicken and egg question. And … Continue reading

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WIP Update

I made no New Year’s Resolutions. But I always use the start of another 12 months to review life and the universe around me – knitting no exception. I am ashamed to say that two out of my three WIPs … Continue reading

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Another Blog Post about Knitted Slippers

I realise that I must have some form of obsession with knitted slippers – it is not inheritable as I regularly have to remind my boys to put their slippers on around the house. Yet, it is a project I … Continue reading

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Pompom Christmas Wreath – a Family Make

I suppose it all started when I bought some pompom makers and the boys wanted to try them. And of course there was that walk along the river when my husband absent-mindedly made a wreath of the weeping willow branches … Continue reading

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Christmas Knitting – Is it Fun?

My feelings about Christmas knitting are somewhat mixed – fun or not? Depends on the day you catch me. On the one hand, guilt-free scouring for patterns, squishing yarn, matching colours and planning for those and-made gifts full of love! … Continue reading

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Short and to the Point

This weekend has been hectic – there has been little time to knit and the writing has been done on the hoof. So this post is short and to the point. Christmas present update – I’m done with the hats … Continue reading

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Make-a-Monster Competition Results

It seems such a short time ago that the Make-a-Monster Competition was launched and yet the time has come to announce the results. A very big and genuine Thank You for all your efforts, sharing with me your wonderful creations … Continue reading

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A 60s party and Holiday Packing

I love a good party, especially if it involves dressing up. I have always taken childish pleasure at changing my appearance and of course if it were possible, I’d change hairstyles and hair colours on a regular basis too. So … Continue reading

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