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A-Z of Yarn: Uses of Eyelash Yarn

Eyelash yarn, and in fact any form of Novelty yarn, divides knitters into two distinct camps. Those who love it and inevitably those who hate it. First of all, what is it? It is usually a man-made fibre central thread … Continue reading

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I Love this but Is it Good Quality Yarn?

So you’ve identified the need for a knitted present and you’ve pinpointed the yarn. Or perhaps there has been a skein of yarn shouting to be bought  in your favourite yarn shop and you have decided to take the plunge. … Continue reading

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A-Z of Yarn: Paper

Paper was of course invented by the Chinese, however it is neighbouring Japan who has become highly skilled in the manufacture of high grade paper and its various uses, including cloth making. Paper yarn seems such an anomaly – surely … Continue reading

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