My name is Judit and I’m Monster Yarns which is currently an e-shop selling quality yarn for knitting and crochet in beautiful colours and tactile textures. I’m also a knitting coach, teaching the creative and therapeutic craft of knitting and crochet in Bedford and London.

As a child I grew up in a knitting household and absorbed the skill through osmosis. I wasn’t a particularly keen knitter until I was made redundant and I felt a visceral need to create something with my hands to feel alive. I haven’t stopped since. I still work full-time in a highly pressurised job, I commute, I am a Mother and a Wife. My need for knitting has not left me but gets stronger.

In this blog, I’d like to share with you my love, interest and thoughts about all things wooly, knitty or something similar. Enjoy!


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  1. How brilliant you are! I really admire and relate to the combination of things you’re doing (and I have some insight into how complicated it all must be as I have recently moved to Berlin with my German partner, taken up self-employment (my day job), and begun to pursue knitting, crochet and sell some of my makings (my would-be real day job). I understand the ‘visceral need’ to make things. Keep up the fabulous work 🙂

  2. sandra dorey says:

    Thank so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about the Daisy Wig -thinking about pink knitted wigs – (you can see one here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/152624957/fun-and-funky-pink-knitted-hat-wig?ref=shop_home_active) I wondered if this would be of any interest to the Race for Lifers – happy to knit to order and to make a £2 donation per wig to the cause – do you think that would be of any interest?

  3. Hi Judit!

    I saw your project for the Baby Bootie (http://blog.monsteryarns.co.uk/2013/08/15/a-small-project-for-the-weekend-free-pattern/) and just love that idea! I am the editor of AllFreeKnitting.com and would love to feature your tutorial on my site with full credit to you. I know my readers would just love it and in return would generate some nice traffic to your site. If you agree and would like us to feature your project, our readers will simply click the link to your blog to get your full tutorial. It’s really that simple. Your project will look similar to this project already on my site:


    My site is part of Prime Publishing and we publish 19 cooking and crafting web sites. We have over 3.5 million active e-mail subscribers and about 10 million page views per week. You can learn more about us at http://www.primecp.com.

    Please let me know if you would like to get started. Just a reply to this e-mail is all it takes.

    Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you!
    Julie DaMario

    • monsteryarns says:

      Wow! That’s really exciting! I’d love to participate :). Thanks for getting in touch. I’m not sure if you’d also be interested in my round garter stitch cushion or footstool (knitted).

  4. Rebecca says:

    Hello Judit.
    One word!! HELP!! I am a brand new knitter. Just learned. I want to make the purple circular piece, however I would like to know if yo can knit this on circular needled….Also how do you knit it without making a tube?? How Do You Keep It Round And flat?? Thanks.

    • monsteryarns says:

      Yes you can but the first few stitches will be difficult to work because there are so few of them. You are increasing the number of stitches every other round with the yarn overs (YO) so you end up with a circle not a tube.

  5. Susan says:

    I love the idea of the scarf that’s not really a scarf Can you tell what yarn you used and how many stitches you cast on. Can’t wait to hear from you once I’ve finished the sweaters I’m making I want to make your project

    • monsteryarns says:

      I don’t know what yarn it was as I bought it at a charity shop and it didn’t have any bands on! However it was aran weight.
      I think I cast on about 70 stitches as the scarf is 45 cm or so wide.
      Hope you enjoy knitting it!

  6. Kay Sutherland says:

    Pardon my not knowing but what is seed stitch, I was looking at the easy pattern fo a dog coat

  7. Samantha says:

    Hiya I have nominated you for sisterhood of the world bloggers award.
    Here is my blog post explaining it.

    Feel free to accept or reject it 🙂 I hope you are well xxx

    • monsteryarns says:

      Hi Samantha,
      Thanks so much for the nomination – I’m really chuffed 🙂
      I’ve taken a break from blogging at the moment so I hope you don’t mind but I won’t be responding.
      You have a great blog!!
      Thanks again.

      • Samantha says:

        I understand that’s fine, hope you’re enjoying your break from blogging. Thank you and I loved your answers, you have a great day too xxx

  8. Sharom says:

    Spiral cot blanket. Have you seen this done in several colors? Or is that too busy??

    • monsteryarns says:

      Hi Sharom
      I haven’t seen it done in several colours – but I have seen it done in variegated yarn which is pretty much the same thing. I think as long as you carefully plan where you change the colours and the colour scheme itself, it will be beautiful. The best thing is to avoid the colours taking away from the pattern. Good luck!

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