Knitted hats and more hats – Two Patterns

So last week I was crocheting. This week, I’ve been knitting. This is the result:

Knitted Pompom hat

Knitted textured Pompom hat


I love the colour and wanted to add texture to the hat (perhaps it’s a little over done now). The hat’s rim is double sided, with a smooth stocking stitch on the inside to keep your head and ears warm and cosy.
And then there is this one:

Knitted beehive hat

Knitted beehive hat

I’ve had this lovely wool yarn for a while and every time I looked at it, it reminded  me of beehives. I have no idea why but I knew that the hat needed to look like a beehive.

The beauty is that they are both really easy.

Knitted Textured Pompom hat

DK self-striping yarn about 150 m
3.5 mm and 4.0 mm DPNs or knitting needles to knit in the round.

Decreases on pompom hat

With 3.5 mm DPNs, cast on 100 stitches with long tail cast on and join.
In stocking stitch, knit 10 rounds.
Purl 1 round.
Knit in 1 x 1 rib 10 rounds.
Pick up one cast on stitch per one live stitch on the needle and k2tog.
Change to 4 mm needles.
Knit 20 rounds of seed stitch.
Knit 10 rounds in stocking stitch.
Continue in stocking stitch decreasing one stitch every 10 stitches every other round until you have 10 stitches left on the needle.
Cut yarn leaving a long tail, thread through remaining stitches and finish off.
Add pompom.

Finished pompom hat

Please note that I didn’t start with a seed stitch but with the ribbed stitch I used on my son’s jumper and then changed my mind half way into the hat. I think it looks fine but you may think it’s a little busy. It is also a good idea to try the hat as you knit to make it fit your head perfectly. The row count in the pattern fits my head!

Knitted Bee-hive Hat

DK yarn about 200 m.
3.5 mm and 4 mm DPNs or ordinary knitting needles.

Beehive hat

With 3.5 mm needles and long tail cast on, cast on 100 stitches.
In 1 x 1 rib, knit 11 rows/rounds.
Change to 4 mm needles and knit one row, increasing 1 stitch every 10 stitches.

If you’re knitting in the round, purl 5 rounds, knit 4 rounds.
If you’re knitting flat, knit 5 rows reverse stocking stitch and 4 rows of stocking stitch.
When you’ve repeated the pattern nine times, continue in pattern, p2tog every other stitch every other row/round three times.
Cut yarn with a long tail, thread through remaining stitches and work off.

Wear with pride.


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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10 Responses to Knitted hats and more hats – Two Patterns

  1. PJ Lightning says:

    LOVE the beehive hat. Mmm I wonder if I could loom something like that.

  2. PJ Lightning says:

    I have an idea, but it’s fiddly. Will give it a try tonight and see if it works.

    • PJ Lightning says:

      Still in the knit one purl one section. I forgot how slow purling is on a loom.

      • PJ Lightning says:

        What I am trying is this:- I built the increase in from the start. I’m using the yellow 76 peg loom from your kit (which may actually be too large). For the entire loom I cast on in this patterm- cast on 4 pegs normally, cast on 2 pegs together like they are one big peg. I then did knit one purl one around the entire loom treating the doubled up pegs as one peg. Then when I came to the increase row, I used knit stitch for the first 4 pegs, then e-wrap for the first peg of the doubled up pegs, and reverse e-wrap for the second. (Reverse e-wrap is what I call a stitch that’s like purl with a twist. lay yarn below loop and pull it up through and knock the loop off the peg. Just like purl. But before placing the new loop over the peg, give it one half twist clockwise. Don’t know if that will work, but we will see.

      • monsteryarns says:

        That’s pretty ingenious.

      • PJ Lightning says:

        Only if it works 😀 I’ve now started set of rows all in reverse e-wrap and will then switch to e-wrap and see what it all looks like. Reverse e-wrap is tedious though. Took 8 minutes to do one row!

  3. PJ Lightning says:

    I also have an idea for an increase add-on clip thing but don’t know if I can come up with something that will stay on as it would have to attach to the front of the loom. Will let you know.

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