Make-a-Monster Competition Results

It seems such a short time ago that the Make-a-Monster Competition was launched and yet the time has come to announce the results. A very big and genuine Thank You for all your efforts, sharing with me your wonderful creations and even getting your children to get Monstering! The competition has put many a smile on faces so I consider it a roaring success.

The judges were a hand-picked group of ladies of varying ages and crafting skills and two children in the young teens. Monster Yarns had no input except for arranging the photos in the appropriate categories and providing some rather delicious (if I may say so) cakes and lashings of tea. The judges’ decision was not always unanimous and sometimes led to heated technical debate which was only resolved after further liberal application of cake and tea. However the moment you’ve been waiting for…I shall announce the Winners (yes, I’m getting on with it) but in true Oscars style, I’d like to start with the Honourable Mentions.

All three runners up are awarded a skein of yarn of their choice from the Monster Yarns website.

Junior Category – Crafters under 16. Monsters judged on personality and ability to make you smile.

To a very talented 10 year old, huge Congratulations for “Ianto the Yetti” who has bags of style.


Novice – Crafters with less than one year of experience. Monsters judged on creativity and personality.

A Monster round of applause to the creator of “Petunia”. She made us all smile!

Smiling Petunia

Open – all yarn crafters. Monsters judged on complexity of design, use of yarn and colour, creativity and personality.

Standing ovation to the brilliant UFO monster and his creator – lovely knitting in the round, the two-toned ears and those hands and feet! Wow.

1185086_10151834419470568_1832702070_n 1239848_10151834420890568_1754981128_n

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Junior – Crafters under 16. Monsters judged on personality and ability to make you smile.

Please get in touch to claim your £30 voucher for “Hairy”. The judges thought that the use of different textures of yarn and colour was superb and the lopsided eyes made everyone agree that he is the best Monster in this category! And he’s useful too as he’s a hand-puppet. Thanks for making him.

hairy monster 1

Novice – Crafters with less than one year of experience. Monsters judged on creativity and personality.

She claimed that she couldn’t use yarn to create anything! She claimed she had no knowledge. She even claimed it was the “worst monster ever” and yet the Judges decided otherwise. Hodge Podge come and claim your £30 voucher. The judges admired your bravery to leave paper, tissue, clay to one side and tackle yarn. And they loved the different textures added to “Mess” to create his personality.


Open – all yarn crafters. Monsters judged on complexity of design, use of yarn and colour, creativity and personality.

I think this category caused the largest intake of cake and tea. Not to mention the longest debates about design and creativity. At some stages, I despaired of a decision ever being reached. But finally, the top prize of £50 voucher to be spent at Monster Yarns  is awarded to the creator of “Filbert and Reg”, the Siamese-twin monsters who never failed to raise a giggle.


Filbert works in an office (hence the tie and eye-glass) and Reg is a stay-at-home-monster who spends his days eating Haribo and playing with the cat. 


I’m not quite sure how they manage this (considering they are conjoined), but they seem very happy with the arrangement! They have a beany bottom to help them balance and give them a bit of “heft”.


The Judges loved the texture, colours, eye-glass and design. And Reg’s monster-y scales.


A very well-deserved congratulations to all participants.

Before I finish however, I’d like to sneak in a special mention. I just couldn’t leave this lovely Monster without a comment. The Judges decision is final, but he is my favourite for grace and fun. I think he’s delightful!

14162_3473259485507_258409280_n 996578_3473259365504_852018755_n 1175197_3473259405505_1174097715_n

I would also like to award his creator a skein of yarn from Monster Yarns on the cheeky condition that we can agree a joint care agreement or perhaps swap?!

I’ve had a great time during this competition, and I hope you had too. Some of you have already got in touch to let me know your thoughts:

“I have enjoyed seeing all the monster entries this summer – pity it was a knit free summer due to poorly hand” @sewlovecraft

“Great to see the monster coming in – keep up with the pics for inspiration” @drhjsmith

If you have enjoyed this competition, I’d very much like to hear from you and perhaps you could take a quick visit to “Like” Monster Yarns page on Facebook.

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8 Responses to Make-a-Monster Competition Results

  1. Ooooh, I am embarrassed to have won after seeing the other amazing monster entries! A thousand thank yous (and thank you so much for linking to the blog too)!

    I do believe Petunia is quite the prettiest monster I’ve ever seen 😀

  2. Wow, my daughter is completely thrilled to be a runner up in the competition! Thanks so much! It was great fun x

  3. Reblogged this on Knit and Purl Garden and commented:
    We were THRILLED to discover that my daughter won runner up in the fabulous Monster Yarns Make a Monster Competition for her Ianto the Yetti! Thanks Monster Yarns – it was GREAT fun 🙂 Check it out:

  4. kfklever says:

    I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award

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