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The Best Knitted Christmas Decorations

Christmas is very firmly just around the corner and there is no point ignoring it. And if you give in gracefully, it is possible to make the most beautiful decorations for your home and presents – and there is still … Continue reading

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‘Tis (almost) the Season to be Jolly

It is almost Christmas. This year, it feels like there is another month sandwiched between November and December, at least mentally. Surely, it can’t be December in a mere few days?! My Christmas season started early with this stylish DPN needle … Continue reading

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I remember as a child playing with hundreds of buttons all kept in a large tin. Each of my grandmothers had an almost identical container. One, as she made clothes, and the other as she had many clothes made for … Continue reading

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Citrus Placemats – A Quick Summer Make

Whilst I’m counting the days to our holiday (still too many), mentally preparing for our house move and working on those WIPs, I wanted something bright and colourful on the table at mealtimes. My two are now old enough to … Continue reading

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Fibre East 2014

I’m incredibly lucky that I live only a few miles from one of the highlights of the yarn calendar – Fibre East. An annual international event, celebrating all things English yarn related and more. I am a recent convert, going … Continue reading

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Warm Weather Yarns

Even if I lived in a hermetically sealed house far away from the world, I would know when the temperature started increasing in the UK. Visitors and sales to my site just drop off the cliff. I know that only the truly … Continue reading

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Confessions of a modern-day Maiden Aunt

Without a plan or a thought, I have become a modern day Maiden Aunt. You know the one in literature who arrives unannounced with hand-made gifts for the Baby. I’m not sure I was quite ready for the role, but … Continue reading

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14 ways to Join your Crochet

I’ve recently seen a lot of crochet blankets being worked on. I have also finished one a few days ago. As a result, I’ve been thinking of the best ways of joining crochet work. After a little research, I was … Continue reading

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Knitting or Crochet?

So which came first – chicken or the egg? What has that to do with knitting or crochet, I hear you wonder. Well, literally everything. Since the beginning of time man has been mulling over the chicken and egg question. And … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Knitting

It’s almost that magical day. Are you stumped for that special present for your loved one? I’m a bah-humbug person around Valentine’s Day – although I was the lucky recipient of a very romantic, down-on-one-knee-with-ring-in-hand proposal a good number of … Continue reading

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