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Easy Boot Socks – a Pattern

I’ve been flirting with knitting socks for quite a while. I’ve even bought some hand-dyed sock yarn for the purpose. Of course, life intervened on my dreams of cables and lace entwined in knitting harmony. I have four pairs of … Continue reading

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Help! I can only knit Garter Stitch

At this time of year there are many new knitters – I’ve noticed the number of “Help” emails increase since Christmas. And the stitch that all new knitters can do is the Garter stitch – where all stitches are knitted … Continue reading

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Christmas Jumper Day and Family Activites with Save the Children

  Save the Children has a fantastically fun fundraising even going on RIGHT NOW to encourage us all to make and wear a Christmas knit.   CALLING ALL KNITTERS! Make the world better with a sweater on Friday 13 December … Continue reading

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Cabled Hat Pattern – a Quick Knit

We’re expecting snow and bad weather to arrive this afternoon where I live. And we’re told that it will be a hard winter. The worst for years. Apart from all the doom and gloom news around winter, there is a … Continue reading

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Epiphany over Fingerless Gloves

There are items of clothing that I don’t “get”. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone. I know my boys don’t get the purpose of hats or slippers and my  husband thinks polo necks were designed to be worn only … Continue reading

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Washing Knitting

So many people are courageous enough to knit “off-pattern” but go to pieces at the thought of washing knitting. There really are very few rules to follow to have long lasting clean knitwear. And here they are: Start thinking about washing … Continue reading


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I Love this but Is it Good Quality Yarn?

So you’ve identified the need for a knitted present and you’ve pinpointed the yarn. Or perhaps there has been a skein of yarn shouting to be bought  in your favourite yarn shop and you have decided to take the plunge. … Continue reading

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Update on Fluorescent Yarn

Back in September (can’t believe that was nearly TWO months ago!), I wrote about Fashion’s returning love affair with fluorescent yarn. I’m still working on the main creation but since time is my enemy at the moment, I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Felted Slippers – One Up from Knitted Ones

Ever since the summer holiday when I was working on the felted bag project, I wanted to use the felting yarn in more projects that were fun, easy to knit and useful. My post on knitted slippers gave me the idea to … Continue reading

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Halloween Knitting

I have a very restrained attitude to Hallowe’en so Halloween knitting is not usually part of my WIP. Some may even call it puritanical. I just don’t like it and find it tremenduously commercialised. Now that I’ve got that off … Continue reading

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