Madness caused by Summer and 4KCBW Update

I don’t know how long I’ve been yearning for the summer to arrive. For shorts and sandals and the freedom of no coats or jackets. And finally it’s here. I’m loving the heat wave and I hope that it stays for a while. But. I suppose you knew that was coming.

In all honesty, knitting is a bit hard in the sultry afternoons. Although my wrists are thankful, I’ve not created much over the last few days. I’ve knocked out some ribbing on a boring plane ride. I’ve finished a few items that just needed a tweak here and there, but nothing really large or creative. So in some boredom and in anticipation of our holiday, I’ve put this together.


Some ribbon yarn from my stash. A spiral hexagon pattern from Doris Chan’s Amazing Crochet Lace. A bit of tinkering with the pattern, as ever. And that’s it. Although the arms don’t look even, it’s just the way the top is sitting on the dummy.


Looks great over a bikini top, which is how I intend to wear it of course!

The Back

The Back

And then it was back to a feeling of twiddling thumbs and feeling slightly lost. Until I cracked and started casting on something rather special. I saw this in the July edition of The Knitter magazine. I love the wide waistband and the contrasting textures. I also love mohair, and drop stitch is just so effective.


So here’s my version. Since this will be more of an autumn knit, I decided to ditch the openwork waistband in favour of a sensible rib. Plus K4tog is really not a great stitch for wrists. The rib also has the added advantage of not showing my non-existent abs. And although orange is one of my favourite colours, I decided to be sensible and use something from my stash. I’ve cast on with the brightest green bamboo – beautiful and silky and the darkest green mohair which  has a slight sparkle to it. So the texture contrast is there with the sheen of the bamboo and the sparkle of the mohair which I hope will be harmonious. It’s never an easy task ripping out mohair after all.

Itchy Fingers Project

Itchy Fingers Project

I’ve given this a lot of thought. Although I promised during 4KCBW that in June I will cast on the beautiful Lion Brand Midnight Magic – I’ve changed my mind. This is my 4KCBW project instead.

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  1. Wow, those are both wonderful! I especially love the first one. It is fabulous!

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