Christmas Stocking on a Loom

It is most definitely Christmas preparation time everywhere. Buildings have started groaning under the weight of decorations, Carols are on a never-ending loop in all the shops and I’m knitting Christmas stockings and making a Christmas wreath. More on the wreath next week but this is the Christmas stocking for my younger son and it is finally finished.



I made it on the red knitting loom using standard DK yarn red and winter white with all the pegs attached to the loom. I can honestly say that this is not a project you want to be doing on the train. Since I did, I have no photos of work in progress at all. But I do have the pattern!

This pattern assumes that you know how to cast on, cast off, e-wrap, knit and change/work colours on the loom. This pattern is really worth persevering with as it’s really showy and is perfect for contrasting colours. Try green and white or red and gold. Or any contrasting colour of your choice.


Christmas Stocking

For the cuff, and with red cast on with the e-wrap stitch and e-wrap for about 15 cms. Turn the cast on edge back on itself and hook each cast on stitch on its original peg. You will now have two stitches on each peg. Cast off each stitch normally normally – you have joined the work so you have a double sided cuff.

For the stripe pattern repeat these eight rows until the colour work is roughly 3x the length of your cuff.

Row 1: With white, K1, (skip 2, k2) around to lat 3 pegs, skip 2, k1;

Row 2:  K2, (skip 1, k3) around to last 2 pegs, skip 1, k1;

Row 3: With red, k1, skip 1, k2, (skip 2, k2) around;

Row 4: K1, (skip 1, k3) around to last 3 pegs, skip 1, k2;

Row 5: With white, k3, (skip 2, k2) around to last 5 pegs, skip 2, k3.

Row 6: K4, (skip 1, k3) around.

Row 7: With red, k2, (skip 2, k2) around to last 2 pegs, skip 1, k1.

Row 8: K3, (skip 1, k3) around to last 5 pegs, skip 1, k4.

For the heel – you will need to work short-rows just like in the garter stitch round cushion pattern I posted a while ago.

With red, k12, wrap peg and turn.

K24, wrap peg and turn.

For next rows, keep on reducing the number of pegs knitted by one on each side and of course wrapping a peg before turning. When you have reduced to four pegs only, increase knitted pegs by one on each side until you are back to k24. There are a number of tutorials on line to show you how to do this, and next year, I will be posting some as well, but it will be too late for Christmas 2013. Sorry.

For the foot repeat Rows 1-8 above until the coloured work from heel is about 3x the length of your cuff.

For the toe, in red, knit 14 rounds. Cut yarn with long tail. Cast off by pulling the tail through each stitch and pulling off the peg. Pull tight and work in end.

Sew ribbon on the cuff to make hanging the stocking easy.

Fill with goodies 24th December and enjoy a few hours later.


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