Crochet for Spring

Last week, I went to class on Granny Squares held by Betsy Makes. It was colourful fun.

I don’t know about you but although I’ve made crochet items small and large, for some reason they have always been in the round. Not square.


And time passes and the idea of crocheting something square just became surreal. So the Betsy Makes class was very timely. Not only was it fun but I actually made a crochet square. Really. I feel for the poor woman sitting next to me though – my constant gasps and squeals of excitement about this square feat must have been very off-putting. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry.


I used self-striping yarn (what else?) and I’m rather pleased with the way it looks. I’m fully aware that it’s no good just having one, but in all honesty the number of loose ends that need working in when creating such a project is currently putting me off too much colour work.

But of course once the hooks are out and the needles away, I got itchy fingers. So I covered my husband’s bare tablet with a very nautically themed cover just to practice my stitches and patience (those niggly ends again). Nautical as he loves fishing and the sea. And because we’ve finally booked our summer holiday and I’m getting wistful.


And I edged it too. He’s is rather chuffed.


I can think of so many things that now needs making with a hook. Thanks Betsy Makes!

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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