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How to Guide to Nupps in Lace Knitting

So I’ve committed to knitting the Floral Tunic from the gorgeous Lovely Knitted Lace by Brooke Nico. I’m plugging away and I am six pattern repeats away from the end of the body i.e. quite a way to go. But … Continue reading

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Chunky Ribbed Body Warmer – a Pattern

I don’t think it’s possible to have too many short jackets to keep your upper body warm but leave your arms free to do things. Autumn is the perfect season for this sort of clothing and chunky yarn and ribbing … Continue reading

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It DOES Matter Where You Put Your Hook

When I learnt to crochet, my Mother was really specific about where I needed to place my hook in each stitch. There was most certainly a Right and a Wrong way of doing things. As I look around at others’s … Continue reading

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Selvedge Stitches

I am amazed that it took me a while to cotton on to selvedge stitches. Now I’m a total convert and knit them automatically but I realise that many people don’t. Well, here’s why they are so important. But firstly, … Continue reading

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The Kitchener Bind-Off – a Tutorial

Recently, I wrote a post about the many different ways of joining crochet which got me thinking. How about joining knitting? Perhaps the most requests I have from more advanced students is to learn how to join and finish their work. … Continue reading

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Double Knitting – an Epic Fail

I’ve been hunting around for a bit of a challenge and in passing I opened up a pattern book I haven’t browsed for a while. I came across a wonderful jacked in double knitting with a modern Scandinavian pattern on … Continue reading

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I-Cord Video Tutorial – My First Video

In the second year of Monster Yarns, I thought I’d embrace video tutorials. Here’s my first – to show you how to make an I-Cord. If I have this correct, the “I” stands for Idiot and it was coined by … Continue reading

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Knitting Stripes in the Round

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting in the round recently. And for all its ease and convenience, knitting stripes in the round has left me a little baffled. Please don’t say you can’t see it. It’s there. A sort … Continue reading

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Weave In Ends – How to do it properly

“Weave in ends.” This instruction is in every knitting pattern, but do you know how to do it properly, so that the ends won’t show in the right side of the knitting (and those pesky cut ends don’t poke through … Continue reading

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A Promise Kept and more Knitting Ribbing

Ladies and Gentlemen – the day has finally dawned (and believe me it is a Red Letter Day in my calendar) when I can reveal my finished design for my son’s jumper. It has been a road filled with bumps, … Continue reading

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