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Citrus Placemats – A Quick Summer Make

Whilst I’m counting the days to our holiday (still too many), mentally preparing for our house move and working on those WIPs, I wanted something bright and colourful on the table at mealtimes. My two are now old enough to … Continue reading

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Ill-behaved Projects

There are projects that don’t ever feel right. It doesn’t matter what you do – there is a little voice nagging to change/add/undo/redo something about it. My current ill-behaved project is this summer top I made last year. It’s DK … Continue reading

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Knitty Holiday Planning

In a rush, summer has arrived in a blaze of sunshine. I’ve got to admit, I’ve been caught out by the suddenness of the heat. Some friends (those without children) have started going on holiday. And now my thoughts are … Continue reading

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The Spiral Cot Blanket – a Pattern

I really have no idea why it took two attempts to get this pattern right. Perhaps I should rephrase – I really have no idea why I can’t count, knit and chat at the same time! I’ve had in mind … Continue reading

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Warm Weather Yarns

Even if I lived in a hermetically sealed house far away from the world, I would know when the temperature started increasing in the UK. Visitors and sales to my site just drop off the cliff. I know that only the truly … Continue reading

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Time to let go of Summer – Crochet Zig-zag Cushion

It’s a mini Indian Summer at the moment. What better opportunity to give you the (almost) final chapter in my holiday creation – a zig-zag cushion. It does need to be said that it has been sat on, thrown about, … Continue reading

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Pie Cushion and the Liebster Award(s)

So what does one make on holiday? This was a question in the back of my mind for weeks before we went away. And now the time has come to reveal my creations – this is Project 1. I’ve been … Continue reading

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A 60s party and Holiday Packing

I love a good party, especially if it involves dressing up. I have always taken childish pleasure at changing my appearance and of course if it were possible, I’d change hairstyles and hair colours on a regular basis too. So … Continue reading

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Knitty Jewellery Yearnings sated at Max’s World

It’s wonderfully, gloriously and unceasingly hot. I am NOT complaining, just vaguely in disbelief that there seems to be no end to the sunny weather. It’s almost like being on holiday somewhere on the Continent. I love walking in the … Continue reading

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Madness caused by Summer and 4KCBW Update

I don’t know how long I’ve been yearning for the summer to arrive. For shorts and sandals and the freedom of no coats or jackets. And finally it’s here. I’m loving the heat wave and I hope that it stays … Continue reading

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