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The First Finished Project in 2015

I was peacefully knitting and planning the order of my WIPs for maximum effectiveness for┬ácompletion when my husband rushed in and excitedly announced that he had a project for me. It is rare as hen’s teeth for him to ask … Continue reading

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My Knitty Aims for 2015

I’m writing this post whilst the Christmas tree is blinking away for the last night in its brief sojourn in our house. It is looking smaller than when we brought it home, it seems that we’ve already moved away from … Continue reading

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When Generations Come Together

There are some ┬ápeople who stay with you for life. Even after they have moved on. For me, my Mother is that person. She died over three years ago but I think of her every day, and still catch myself … Continue reading

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My Christmas Present to Myself

Do you buy yourself a Christmas present? I do! I know it’s decadent and spoilt, but at this time of year if I buy anything for me that I don’t actually need, I call it my Christmas present. This year … Continue reading

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Easy Knit Stripy Baby Blanket – a pattern

Just in time for Christmas and in this case, just in time for the birth of a baby, I’ve finished the baby blanket. It was a special request – yarn colours specially picked and truth be told, it’s not your … Continue reading

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Why Knit?

A few days ago I was knitting on my favourite chair thinking knitty things and the slight obsession about knitting struck me as rather funny. After all, it came on so suddenly five years ago(!) and rather than being a … Continue reading

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Lace Catastrophe

My lace backed cardigan has not been behaving recently. Although I blocked it and reblocked it, the collar and hem still curl. The collar: The hem: So I thought drastic measures were required, needing an iron and wet cloth and … Continue reading

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How to Guide to Nupps in Lace Knitting

So I’ve committed to knitting the Floral Tunic from the gorgeous Lovely Knitted Lace by Brooke Nico. I’m plugging away and I am six pattern repeats away from the end of the body i.e. quite a way to go. But … Continue reading

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What NOT to knit

I spend quite a lot of time browsing when I’m not knitting – for all the lovely things I can make when I have time and perhaps grow a couple of pair of spare knitting arms. And for some reason, … Continue reading

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New Inspiration

So I’m bored. I’ve done as much Christmas knitting as I can muster. I am making good headway with my sister’s wedding present. And I’m a bit bored. I’m looking for the next challenge to get my teeth into. Something … Continue reading

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