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5 Free Tunisian Crochet Patterns

Since I’ve been bitten by the Tunisian crochet bug, I’ve been scouring the web for good patterns. I’m not quite ready for striking out on my own with anything more complex than a scarf. I know that it is possible … Continue reading

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Tunisian Crochet – my new craft and pattern

One of my promises for 2015 to myself was to try Tunisian crochet. The blending of crochet and knitting has been intriguing me for a while. And the opportunity of buying more kit was just too tempting. And of course … Continue reading

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Ski Masks Galore

Although I was only asked to make one ski mask, I got a bit carried away. It seems the boys are happy and now I know they’ll be warm too. When I was knitting the Wicked Woolens Dwarven Battle mask, … Continue reading

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10 Beautiful (and FREE) Crochet projects

There are frequent occasions when I’m overawed by the beauty of things. Nature, human kindness, my children, the difference a smile can make. Oh yes, and crochet! Time and time again, I’ve come across beautiful textured and coloured crochet projects¬†that … Continue reading

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Planning the rest of my life

I now fully understand this. I turn listlessly from one project to another. Plan a bit. Turn pages on patterns. Rewrite a few. But I sort of miss not having ¬†a huge project to keep me busy. Perhaps it’s because … Continue reading

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My Knitty Aims for 2015

I’m writing this post whilst the Christmas tree is blinking away for the last night in its brief sojourn in our house. It is looking smaller than when we brought it home, it seems that we’ve already moved away from … Continue reading

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Crochet hats and more hats

I don’t know about you but I quickly feel the cold. I’m sure I’m more suited to living on a tropical island with ambient temperatures all the time rather than seasons. Although I would miss seeing Nature change her look, … Continue reading

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Crochet Circles Rug – a Pattern

It’s been a long time coming and my son has been more than patient – I have finally finished the rug that I promised him for our move out of London. In time for our second house move. Well, better … Continue reading

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It DOES Matter Where You Put Your Hook

When I learnt to crochet, my Mother was really specific about where I needed to place my hook in each stitch. There was most certainly a Right and a Wrong way of doing things. As I look around at others’s … Continue reading

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Citrus Placemats – A Quick Summer Make

Whilst I’m counting the days to our holiday (still too many), mentally preparing for our house move and working on those WIPs, I wanted something bright and colourful on the table at mealtimes. My two are now old enough to … Continue reading

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