A – Z of Yarn

There is just so much variety. More and more each time I look. Yarn everywhere, textures and colours for things I didn’t even know I need to make. So how do you choose?

On these pages, I will try to explain what each type of yarn does and doesn’ t do. To dispel myths and to try to give you courage to choose. This is for all knitters/crocheters who were brought up believing that there are only a few types of yarn to choose from. Beware – this is just my opinion. Go, get some yarn and see if you agree.


One thing that does regularly stump people is the vast array of yarn weights. Throwing in the US and Australian differences, frankly it is mind-boggling at times. There is really only one proper way round this issue – once you have identified the yarn you are interested in, knit a swatch! However, the table below should help too. It is not an exact science however.

UK US Needle Size in mm
2 ply Light Fingering or Laceweight 1.75
3 ply Fingering 2.75
4 ply Fingering or Sport 3.25
Double Knitting (DK) Sport or Worsted 4
Aran Fisherman or Medium 5 to 6
Chunky Bulky 7+

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