Happiness is 100 things

Whilst battling the latest lurgy brought around by trains/boys/general life, I’m feeling lacking in all creative energy for writing. So in case you haven’t seen this, here it is again. If you have read this a while back, apologies. Wishing you the best week!

I try to keep my private life and my on-line life a little segregated. Perhaps it’s age related reticence, perhaps I’m afraid of revealing too much and how people may react. However when the lovely Mrs Bishop suggested that I participate in her idea “Happiness is 100 things”, I thought it was too good an idea to pass up.


This will not be a blog about knitting or crochet, much more about life and what makes me tick. Just so you know in advance. I’ve not ordered this list, just wrote it all as it popped into my mind.

  1. The laughter of my children
  2. The wagging tail of my dog
  3. My husband’s special smile for me
  4. a cat washing its ears
  5. baby animals
  6. the sunshine
  7. a cold, crisp snowy winter’s day
  8. a roaring fire on a cold day
  9. toasted marshmallows
  10. my favourite cake baked for me
  11. birthdays
  12. anniversaries
  13. weddings
  14. spring buds
  15. yarn, yarn, yarn
  16. colours
  17. textures
  18. learning a new technique in my crafting
  19. learning a new thing
  20. reading a book so that I loose sense of time
  21. wild flowers
  22. tulips
  23. peonies
  24. my favourite perfume
  25. intricately wrapped presents
  26. a really good cup of coffee
  27. morello cherries
  28. plum jam
  29. French chocolate
  30. shoes that fit like a glove
  31. manicures
  32. Swedish massage
  33. funky coloured handbags
  34. silk scarves
  35. patterned tights
  36. green eyes on a cat
  37. purring kittens
  38. my childrens’ achievements
  39. the sound that wood-pigeons make when they’re calling to each other
  40. spotty dogs
  41. stripy cats
  42. sound of waves on the shore
  43. walking on the beach
  44. home-made fruit ice-cream
  45. walnuts
  46. the smell of lavender on fresh linen
  47. kid leather gloves
  48. alpaca in a herd
  49. owls
  50. looking at my children’s baby clothes
  51. the smell of babies
  52. holidays with all my boys
  53. long weekends
  54. recognition for hard work
  55. going to bed after a hard day’s work
  56. crisp, ironed linen sheets
  57. luxurious hand-cream
  58. concerts
  59. a good play
  60. Friday night TV on the sofa with my husband
  61. coming home after being away
  62. sleeping in my own bed
  63. napping with one of my pets
  64. spaniel’s ears
  65. playing the violin
  66. having an interesting conversation with a stranger
  67. debating a point and winning
  68. writing something that perfectly conveys my thoughts
  69. finishing a project that looks good
  70. having a new hairstyle
  71. baking for my family
  72. rose oil
  73. bookshops
  74. yarn shops
  75. getting a bargain
  76. auctions
  77. my husband holding my hand just because he can
  78. having friends round for dinner
  79. making a difference in someone’s life
  80. cheering someone up
  81. passing on some knowledge
  82. being a “go-to” person
  83. my boys choosing to spend time with me
  84. internet shopping
  85. having a clean and tidy home
  86. making my home feel more homely
  87. baking bread and the way it smells
  88. hot showers
  89. reflexology
  90. long walks near water
  91. hand-written letters
  92. pretty knick-knacks
  93. ducks
  94. the smell of sun-tan lotion on warm skin
  95. the smell of my children
  96. clothes that fit me well
  97. vintage jewellery
  98. Christmas
  99. planning for our future with my husband
  100. growing older together.

Lucy – you’re right. I could have gone on for an other hundred. There is so much to look forward to in each day. We should never forget to see the nuggets of happiness even in the darkest day. Thank you for suggesting this.


Please join in if you feel like it – just link back so we can all share. Many thanks for reading.

About monsteryarns

I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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7 Responses to Happiness is 100 things

  1. Hannie says:

    See it’s funny my list is currently sat as a draft on my blog because I’m stuck at about number 60 – and there’s me thinking that in general I’m a happy person.

    I did think of another earlier which was when shuffle on your music player brings up a song that fits your mood exactly. As opposed to when it really makes no sense – like mine keeps bringing up The Sewers bit from Les Miserables.

    I didn’t know you played violin. Chris played – he’s not played in a few years. I auditioned to learn violin when I was at lower school but they could only pick 4 people and I was number 5. Then again it meant that I could learn the flute when I started year 5.

    • monsteryarns says:

      I always think that the small things in life make such a huge change to how things turn out. Weird but true!
      Not only do I play but so does David : )
      Don’t think, just write – 100 seems such a long list but if you just go with your gut, it’s a very small number indeed. Finding the pictures took longer than writing the list!

  2. bookofmohs says:

    Love it, great idea I should try this myself :), children laughing would also be my #1 favorite

  3. “sleeping in my own bed” – yes yes yes!!
    Great post 🙂

  4. Lucy Bishop says:

    Beautiful beautiful post 🙂

    Love it xxx

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