Best places for patterns

When I’m looking for the inspiration for my next project and it needs to be a pattern, the majority of the time I find something on the web. There isn’t a local yarn shop that stocks the type of yarn and patterns I like, so it’s publications or the web for me. There are many, many websites with free patterns and most of the yarn suppliers (Rowan, Austermann, Katia, Bergere de France, Red Heart, Thomas B Ramsden, Lion Brand etc. ) also have free patterns on their website, so it is worthwhile to look around. Big name designers similarly entice you with free patterns from time to time. Another good resource is the blogosphere. We all follow talented crafters who make the most gorgeous things. Many of them give away their patterns or sell them at a small price.

Art by Woolybison

Art by Woolybison

Apart from all of the above, the websites which I frequent the most are these:
1. Ravelry – if you haven’t already found it, take a look. It’s free to join and contains a wealth of information from knitters and crocheters around the world.
2. Vogue Knitting – elegant, gorgeous eye candy. Lots to look at and covers a huge range of items as well as fashions.
3. Berroco – I know that they sell yarn too but I really like their designs.
4. Drops – ditto. I have been known to forget the time whilst browsing.
5. Knitty – It’s an other alternate knitty resource.

Where do you go to get your patterns?





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2 Responses to Best places for patterns

  1. spinnermom says:

    All of the above and also and and I especially like the Daily Knitter one because they have such an amazing variety of patterns!

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