Ski Masks Galore

Although I was only asked to make one ski mask, I got a bit carried away.
Family of Ski MasksIt seems the boys are happy and now I know they’ll be warm too. When I was knitting the Wicked Woolens Dwarven Battle mask, I decided to simplify the pattern – no bobbles, no add on beard or moustache. But the existing beard is fantastic to keep boy necks out of the wind!
Dwarfen Battle maskI used aran weight wool/alpaca/polyester mix yarn throughout in a dark and acid green.

A  number of you suggested the helmet for my husband to prevent him getting a cold head. I churned out two more woollen beanies and then added the visor later. They are a bit tricky to sew on – the angle has to be just right to make sure that the visor sits flush with the face and there is no gap which flaps around.
HelmetsI used the same yarn in blue and grey and dived into my button stash to fix the visors on. I made sure the buttons are very flat so that the ski helmet still fits over the top without denting the wearers head!

For the time being, there are no more requests so I’ve started a new project of my own. More on that later.

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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