Old with New

Now that I’ve finished the major WIP I had on my list, I had absolutely no excuses left. I’ve returned to my sister’s wedding blanket. I only have about 80 or so rows remaining and the edging but I lost interest tail end of last year and laid it by. The entire thing is so bulky that I need to carry it in a weekend bag to knit on the train! Bit mad even for me. So as a little distraction, here is an up-to-date photo of the monster blanket.

wedding blanket

It’s yet another project that refuses to be photographed well. Perhaps it’s that oatmeal coloured yarn…I swear I will not knit anything in oatmeal ever again. Or cocoa colours either. To keep my commitment to finish, I am using these beauties to knit with.

They are SQUARE

They are SQUARE

In case it’s not quite clear that they are square, here is another shot

Square I tell you

Square I tell you

These lovely things were a Christmas present – I kept on asking and pestering so I really hoped that the message would be delivered in the run up to Christmas! I love KnitPro needles and own a full set of double pointed, single pointed and interchangeable KnitPro Symfonie needles. You can imagine that my beloved was not too eager to expand the collection – you can only knit with one pair at a time, can’t you?! was his confused response. Nevertheless, here they are, my lovely set of Cubix.

Of course, I needed them as they are meant to be ergonomic and easier to knit with. I’m a sucker for all that, so I’m trying them. I hold judgement on the claim as I haven’t used them long enough but I can tell you, it does have a huge impact on the tension – I’m sure I knit tighter now that I did with the Symfone ones. It will all be revealed when the blanket is finished – I hope in the next few weeks…I’ll keep you posted.


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7 Responses to Old with New

  1. Hannie says:

    Square neeedles? Now that’s cool. I did try knitting on chop sticks once when I couldn’t find my needles.

    The interchangable ones are currently on my wish list as I often use circular needles even for shorter bits of knitting that don’t need the whole length.

  2. mudarissa says:

    Wow! Interesting to read about the square needles. Will be very interested to hear how they match up to regular ones. Stick with the blanket and I hope your sister appreciates what you’re going thru for her present:)

  3. mudarissa says:

    Hannie- were the chop sticks successful? Wonder what else people have knitted with besides standard knitting needles?

  4. Ooo nice Christmas present! And I love your blanket – the tree design is gorgeous

    • monsteryarns says:

      Thanks! It’s a freebie pattern from Lion Brand by the fantastic Nicky Epstein called Tree of Life. I thought it’d be an appropriate wedding gift. But Ibwillbhave knitted 30 trees of life by the time I’m done. Sigh.

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