Lacy Tunic – All Done!

I fell in love with this pattern shortly after seeing it for the first time. It’s called a Floral Tunic and it’s by Brooke Nico, whose lace patterns I tend to admire.

floral tunic

It’s not my usual type of garment construction as I prefer fitted jumpers but I cast on in all earnestness during the summer. I loved the fact that initially it grew quickly and that the top down construction meant that there wouldn’t be any finishing to do later. I didn’t get very far – kept on miscounting stitches and was bemoaning the fact here. However through sheer will, I persevered.

And it grew.

The neck

The neck

Coming off pattern at the arms!

Coming off pattern at the arms!

And grew

Wearable but not finished

Wearable but not finished

Look, one arm!

Look, one arm!

And now it’s done. It is MASSIVE!



I have no way of photographing it properly without a dummy. I used a wool blend yarn (silver and royal purple colourway) rather than merino/silk as suggested in the pattern and it doesn’t hang quite right. It’s too bulky. I also had to ditch my colour block idea as I didn’t have enough purple yarn. Beware, nupps take up a huge amount of yarn! So all in all, I’m not best pleased. I also think that the edging looks a bit weak and I’m thinking perhaps a picot edging would look good. I am however talking myself out of it as I can’t change the original issue which is the yarn, so I will probably leave as is…

Lace6 lace7

I’ve blocked it once but I will probably steam block this garment as I think the lace would really benefit. It was fun to knit and I don’t regret it but if you’re considering this pattern please bear in mind the following:

  1. do use the right weight of yarn
  2. knitting the lower body is interminable
  3. nupps are tricky things
  4. buy enough yarn…

This is definitely one of my learning pieces. And I do think that it would look better on somebody slightly fuller figured than I and possible pregnant. So I’m thinking that my little Sis may be gifted this in years to come…

Do you have “makes” that didn’t quite meet your expectations?

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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4 Responses to Lacy Tunic – All Done!

  1. Hannie says:

    Yep! All the time!

    If you need photos done just shout I can always nip round with my camera and card reader.

  2. Beth Rainbow says:

    Beautiful tunic. I usually knit shawls, lacy shawls especially but this tunic makes me want to knit it…so beautiful…

    • monsteryarns says:

      Thank you. As ever Im not wholly happy with it.
      It is a lovely pattern and with hindsight I should have used a crisp linen blend yarn to nake it hang well.

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