My Knitty Aims for 2015

I’m writing this post whilst the Christmas tree is blinking away for the last night in its brief sojourn in our house. It is looking smaller than when we brought it home, it seems that we’ve already moved away from Christmas into the challenges of the New Year. And from a knitty (and crochet) point of view, I hope that in 2015, I can finesse my techniques and produce professional looking garments. These are my aims:


Seems that these unprepossessing garment is actually quite complex. Like Natasha’s nanny in War and Peace, I want to learn to knit them two at a time (as my patience threshold is low). And I want to knit lacy ones like the one below. And learn about different methods for turning the heel. I recall that there are over 50 ways of doing it!!! The mind just boggles.
sockFair Isle/Colourwork

I really want to use more colour techniques this year. Fair Isle strikes me as the most beautiful and frightfully complex way of knitting. I wonder if I would ever get to the end or whether I’d have to “knit back” all the time to that row before where I made a mistake…


I inherited some lovely beads from my Mother. I look at them from time to time and wonder what I could use them for. I have now married them up with some yarn – the question is what the pattern ought to be. There are so many striking ideas out there. I’m sure I’ll find just the one!
beaded top

Crochet Lace

I love crochet and I would love to make a really showy item in lightweight yarn. Rather than doillies which are not my sort of thing, I’d want to make some curtains perhaps. I absolutely adore these – unfortunately the pattern is out of print. It was created by the Burda Design team. Perhaps some of you reading this may have it hidden somewhere? I’d be happy to buy it or swap it!!

No doubt there will be the projects that jump the queue. For instance my sister’s wedding blanket really does need finishing. Sigh. But here’s to another exciting and project filled year!

What’s on your “To Do” List for 2015?


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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12 Responses to My Knitty Aims for 2015

  1. I also want to learn how to knit socks. I’m also hoping to learn how to crochet – I can do double stitch but have not managed to master treble.

  2. I also want to learn how to knit socks and how to do treble stitch in crochet. I’m new to crochet so would like to really get stuck into it this year.

  3. PJ Lightning says:

    My to-do list includes learning to use knitting needles as my knitting loom is making the tennis elbow worse.

  4. Liz M says:

    Mine is basically to get rid of some yarn, before buying more. And to knit a sweater for my husband, since I’ve been talking about it for so long!

    • monsteryarns says:

      I find talking about and planning men’s jumpers much more interesting than actually knitting them. My husband has a 44″ chest and only likes stocking stitch jumpers!

  5. Kathryn says:

    Dear Judit Happy New Year! Hope you continue to send interesting things about knitting through the ether. I managed to knit some Xmas pressies, which were very well received. And I enjoyed the ‘doing of it’ in the process. I’ve a bit more spare time this year (and, consequently, more opportunity to plan my daytime routine / activities / hobbies more carefully). I want to do more knitting, having had a rather lean time with the needles last year (just had to get that thing called work out of the way!). Are you still meeting at Il Pensiero? Is it still Thursdays? Looking forward to hearing from you. Kathy Carline

    PS: hope you are enjoying your new house, fixtures and fittings courtesy of Peacocks.

    Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 06:31:37 +0000 To:

    • monsteryarns says:

      Happy New Year!
      Good to hear from you.
      The Knitting Group still meets – first Tuesday and third Thursday of every month. First meet tonight!!
      All the dates are on my website or if you pop into Pensieri, Maria will have the dates on a flyer.
      Hope to see you soon!

    • monsteryarns says:

      We can’t keep away from the auction…

  6. hookednewknitter says:

    I want to learn to make my first pair of socks (lots of new skills there) and a man’s jumper (lots of knitting stamina needed her- might be a summer holiday project) and to make some Christmas gift knits.

    • monsteryarns says:

      I was amazed by the magic of knitting my first sock, and a bit bored when I got to the second one. So I want to learn to knit them at the same time.
      Make sure that you choose a not too warm yarn for the large man project as otherwise you will not be able to hold it in your hands for too long during the Summer!!
      Good luck!

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