‘Tis (almost) the Season to be Jolly

It is almost Christmas. This year, it feels like there is another month sandwiched between November and December, at least mentally. Surely, it can’t be December in a mere few days?!

My Christmas season started early with this stylish DPN needle holder from the talented Anwyn at Evie and Lola.

DPN needle holder

Isn’t it a beauty?

Previously my various size DPNs lived in a cardboard box, getting more mixed up with each shake of the box. I daren’t show you how disorganised it was before my lovely new case.

DPN Needle Holder

And here it is again. Lovely.

Anwyn has been so thoughtful. She hand-picked my fabrics to make it special to me. The yellow London fabric is my favourite colour and reminds me that I’ll probably remain a London girl at heart – sorry Bedford.

London Cover

The only thing missing is St Pauls!

And on the inside, all the chatter words and buildings – as a quick insight into the Monster Yarns’ heart – I love, love talking and holding forth and apart from knitting, I’m very taken with architectural photography. So this is just soooo me!

Beauty DPN needle holderI forgot, it holds my DPNs very tidy too. 🙂

All in a row

All in a row


Anwyn has put me in the mood for making and giving. Thanks Anwyn!

If you’d like your own, get in touch with Anwyn via her FB page on Evie and Lola.











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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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3 Responses to ‘Tis (almost) the Season to be Jolly

  1. Lucy Bishop says:

    Oh wow! It’s totally gorgeous! She’s a clever thing 🙂 xxx

  2. wannyrow says:

    Aah, thanks Judit for such lovely words. You are so very welcome. I am so glad you like it xx

  3. wannyrow says:

    Aah, such lovely words. You are so very welcome. I am glad you like it xx

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