How to Guide to Nupps in Lace Knitting

So I’ve committed to knitting the Floral Tunic from the gorgeous Lovely Knitted Lace by Brooke Nico.
Floral tunicI’m plugging away and I am six pattern repeats away from the end of the body i.e. quite a way to go. But I have discovered something fun that I wanted to share. Nupps.

They’re those wonderful bobbles but they’re not quite like the popcorn stitch. Previously I thought k3tog (and similar) was the height of creating an angle in lace. These beauties make the lace really textured. And here is how you do it – you knit and wrap into the same stitch 3, 5, 7 or a mind-blowing 9 times. Your tension has to be pretty loose as otherwise you will never get the stitches back off the needle. These massive increases are usually preceded and followed by a plain knit stitch – a bit similar to having a purl stitch next to your cabling to really showcase it to the best advantage.

On the next row (usually the WS) is where things get a little interesting. I tried really hard to knit all those stitches together with a needle. And inevitably ended up with all the increases running off or just having a huge mess. Look at this neat little trick I found with my friend the crochet hook!

Increases for Nupp

This is a 9 stitch nupp ready to be knitted together

It is usually at this stage I started getting sweaty hands. But no longer!

Your friend the crochet hook

Start transferring your nupp stitches to a crochet hook

Using a crochet hook which is 0.5mm smaller than your  needles, start transferring the increased stitches which will create your nupp from the left hand needle to the crochet hook.

All stitches transferred


At this stage you will have a little manouvering to do with needles and crochet hook but it’s all worth it!

Wrap yarn over hook

Wrap yarn over hook

Now you just treat all those stitches as if you were crocheting – pull the yarn straight through them all!

Crochet them all together

Only one stitch left

Final step is to transfer the one stitch from your crochet hook to your right hand needle. And you’re done.

Transfer your stitch


Obviously you have to remove the crochet hook : ) And there you will have, sitting on our right hand needle, a brand new nupp with much less hassle than if you tried to do the same thing with just your needle.

So to recap, without nupp:

No nupp

The centre of each flower motif is flat

With nupp:

With nupp

Now there is a bump in the middle of each flower motif

It does slow you down to add these beauties but I think they’re worth it!




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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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6 Responses to How to Guide to Nupps in Lace Knitting

  1. Thank you for the advice. Textured lace is so beautiful. So many projects, so little time…

  2. Cheryl says:

    What a brilliant solution! Love the sweater…I’d wear that everywhere!

    • monsteryarns says:

      It’s such a bind – everytime I think I’m almost finished, I realise I’ve got to do another repeat and the fabric gets wider at the bottom…

  3. hardknitlife says:

    So smart to use the crochet hook! I’ve been eyeing a pattern or two with nupps and have been a little hesitant to try and knit all those stitches together. Thanks for sharing!

    • monsteryarns says:

      I am physically unable to knit more than three stitches together at a time with needles. And I don’t consider myself to have particularly tight gauge.
      The crochet hook has been my lace knitting saviour!!

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