Chunky Ribbed Body Warmer – a Pattern

I don’t think it’s possible to have too many short jackets to keep your upper body warm but leave your arms free to do things. Autumn is the perfect season for this sort of clothing and chunky yarn and ribbing the perfect combination of speed and beauty to get the knitting done. I’m really pleased with this body warmer as it’s stylish to wear and fun to make. I’m thinking of perhaps a longer version…
Body warmer

I’ve written the pattern to be flexible for beginner knitters. Hope this helps!

You will need around 200 g of chunky yarn – yarn that needs 8mm knitting needles. Although gauge is really not essential for this item, if your yarn is not chunky enough, the body warmer will be smaller. I used an aran weight yarn and  a DK weight yarn and probably could have sized up to two aran weights held together!
Size 8mm circular knitting needles.
Some scrap yarn if you are using a temporary cast on option.
Body warmer - back

The pattern is cast on at the top of the back – the pattern is for small to medium sizes. If you need large, I haven’t sized up for this pattern, but in this size yarn, would expect an additional 16-18 stitches would be sufficient. This is a VERY stretchy garment because of the ribbing. Don’t be afraid that it will be too small!
Cast on loosely 66 sts. There is an option to use a provisional cast on (use a contrasting colour yarn) if you fancy a bit more of a challenge later.
Knit in 2 x 2 rib (k2, p2) pattern for 26 cm without joining in the round.
At the end of the last row, cast on two stitches.
You will now join the cast on row (or your live stitches from under the provisional cast on), to form what my son called “a hat for a cold teddy bear” i.e. you are making the arm holes.
joined body warmerIf you have a solid cast on row, pick up 66 stitches from the cast on row. If you have a provisional cast on, unpick the cast on row and put the live stitches straight on your needles.
Cast on two extra stitches.
Place marker and join to knit in the round.
Continue in 2 x 2 rib for 6 cms.
Increase holesNext round, make 1 stitch in between each k stitches i.e. k1, m1, k1, p2 repeat. On each make 1, if you like to make a slightly airy feel to this garment, do not knit in the back of the loop. This will leave a neat hole and will lighten the fabric.
Continue to knit the stitches as you see them i.e. k3, p2 for 6 cms.
Next round, make 1 stitch in between each p stitches i.e. k3, p1, m1, p1 repeat. Again, don’t purl into the back of the loop if you want that hole!
Continue to knit the stitches as you see them i.e. k3, p3 for 6 cms.
Body warmer

Check  to see if the body warmer is as long/wide as  you want it to be. I cast off very loosely at this stage. If you want the body warmer to longer/wider, carry on knitting but use 1 x 1 ribbing (k1, p1) from here on to make sure the yarn doesn’t stretch out of shape when you’re wearing it. If you want to jazz it up, you could change to another colour yarn at this stage as long as you make sure it’s the same gauge!

Carry on knitting in 1 x 1 rib until you’re happy and then cast off. Loosely.
Do remember that the more you knit, the wider the collar will be too! Go on, play around with this pattern.
Body warmer worn

I’m loving my body warmer and this is one I’m not selling or giving away.



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3 Responses to Chunky Ribbed Body Warmer – a Pattern

  1. sazcreates says:

    Oo that’s really nice, thank you for the pattern! A longer one would definitely be worth investigating too ☺️ x

    • monsteryarns says:

      I’m getting a lot of hot flashes at the moment so I’ve made this with the dual purpose of keeping me warm and cool at the same time. But I can see that most normal people would want it to close on the neck and chest…:)

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