Lacy Scarf for Knitting Looms – a pattern

I’ve not played around with the knitting loom for quite a while and this poor scarf was left abandoned until recently. Here it is finally looking lacy and warm.Lacy loom scarf

After all the delay, it was actually really quick to make and once in the swing of things, the lace pattern is very easy to memorise.

You will need to use the red knitting loom with some chunky yarn – around 150 – 200 g.
Cast on all the pegs and start Rows 1 of the lace pattern.
lace patternLace pattern:
Row 1 & 3 E-wrap all pegs
Row 2 and 4 are worked making an eight figure between pegs, the following way:
Row 2 Skip first peg,e-wrap peg 2 ,back to peg 1 and e-wrap,with yarn behind pegs skip pegs 2 and 3 and e-wrap peg 4,back to peg 3 and e-wrap,with yarn behind pegs skip 4 and 5 ,e-wrap peg 6,repeat to last peg.Yarn will finish in the penultimate peg.
Row 4 E-wrap first peg,skip peg 2 and e-wrap peg 3,back to peg 2 e-wrap it,with yarn behind pegs skip pegs 3 and 4 ,e-wrap peg 5,back to peg 4 and e-wrap it,skip pegs 5 and 6,e-wrap peg 7,and so on to penultimate peg,e-wrap last peg.
Repeat rows 1-4 eleven more times.
Lace and e-wrap

Swap to e-wrap stitches for around 50 cms. You can purl, knit, purl on the first and last three pegs each time to produce a seed stitch. This will help the scarf from curling in the middle. I also added a hole in the middle of the scarf to tuck in the end rather than tieing it, but this is also not necessary. If you want to make the hole just work half of the loom for about 15 cms, cut yarn and go back to the other half of scarf, rejoin yarn. Work to the same length and then e-wrap all the way round the following rows.
Finished lace loom scarf

Knit rows 1-4 of lace pattern 12 times.
Cast off and you’re done!


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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7 Responses to Lacy Scarf for Knitting Looms – a pattern

  1. Cheryl says:

    How pretty! I’ve never used a loom.

  2. debrasussman says:

    did you use the red round loom and work in flat panel or did you use one side of the KK long loom?on row 4 you move over one peg so figure 8 is offset. is this correct? very pretty pattern.

    • monsteryarns says:

      Sorry for the late reply – my laptop was being fixed.
      Yes, I did use the red round loom and yes, the figure of eight is offset on row 4.
      Hope you enjoy using the pattern!

  3. Barbara says:

    I can not wait to try this pattern, I’m started loom knitting last year. I love it. Thanks a lot!

  4. Ida says:

    This is a beautiful scarf! I’m new to loom knitting and would love to see a video of this pattern. I have a hard time visualizing the stitches when I’m reading a pattern. (Ida)

    • monsteryarns says:

      Thank you Ida
      I’ve actually taken a break from blogging – quite a long one. So unfortunately, I’m not making videos right now.
      There are some fantastic ones around on YouTube and specialist blogs on loom knitting too.
      Sorry I can’t be more helpful!

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