Light and Airy Easy Wrap

I firmly believe that each yarn was made for a specific project. I have some lovely yarns that have been sitting on the shelf for years as I’ve not quite found the right project. I know that I sound completely barmy but yarn “tells” you when it’s the right project. That feeling when you’re struggling and fighting to get something done and it just doesn’t look right in the end – it’s because it’s the wrong marriage of yarn and item. Stop knitting and wait for inspiration.

I’ve had this yarn for a while. It’s a scarf yarn from Adriafil called Wally. adriafil wally

I love the mid-blue and pop of acid green. There is a video tutorial on YouTube on how to make a cowl with it. It has great music too. But for some reason, I could just not follow it. My cowl just looked wrong and I ended up feeling really frustrated.

And then there is this yarn


It’s a mohair mixed with sparkly thread, and it’s the same acid green as the yarn in Wally. I’m not sure why it took me so long to marry the two, but I finally did it and I’m really happy with the result.


I loosely crochet the strips together on the wrong side


And left a gordian knot at the end to give the wrap some weight – this was created naturally from the process of crocheting the strips together.


I’m pleased that this has finally come together – it’s really simple and has opened up the strips to show the lacy ladder effect. Perfect for windy days. I’m sure you have some scarf yarn in your stash – let me know how you’re upcycling yours!


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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