Crochet Circles Rug – a Pattern

It’s been a long time coming and my son has been more than patient – I have finally finished the rug that I promised him for our move out of London. In time for our second house move. Well, better late than not at all!

2014-06-29 19.15.42

I promise I have now worked away all those ends!

I have learnt much along the way not just about crochet skills but also about my ability to multi-task (I’m not as good as I expected). On the whole I’m happy (it’s finished!) and I know that it will be used well which is the main thing. HOWEVER, if you want to use the pattern, please do not make the same mistakes that I did and your rug will be perfect.

This is a very versatile pattern and you can use scrap yarn, yarn held double/triple or like I did, very chunky yarn (Cygnet Seriously Chunky in Just Denim, Cream and Macaw).
Using Seriously Chunky, you will have a rug about 125 cms x 75 cms when you crochet 67 circles of about 10cm diameter (12mm crochet hook).
48 meters of Seriously Chunky (100g) makes two and half circles so I used 27 skeins of Just Denim and five skeins of Macaw. A lot of yarn!
Of course you could make each circle a different colour (scrap) and just use one colour to join them all together. You create your design!
You can make a much smaller rug by making less circles. This rug is also ideal for bathmats if you use chunky cotton yarn.

2014-06-29 19.16.08

Round 1: Using magic circle, 8 dc in the ring and slip stitch to join.
Round 2: Chain 1, 2 dc in each dc from round 1 and slip stitch to join (16 stitches).
Round 3: Chain 1, *2 dc in first dc, dc in next dc*, repeat from * to * to end and slip stitch to join (24 stitches).
Round 4: Slip stitch VERY LOOSELY (I didn’t) in the back loop of each 24 dc. Slip stitch to join. Leaving a long tail, cut yarn and fasten off.
If your slip stitches are not VERY LOOSE, you will end up with cups not circles. A bit like me!

Make another 66.

When you have all the circles you need, lay them out in rows of 10 and 9 circles as it’s time to join!

Joining circles
With contrasting yarn (Macaw) slip stitch into 12 slip stitches i.e. half way round the circle. Join the next circle to the first the same way. Repeat until you have 10 circles in a row. When you get to the 10th circle, continue slip stitching all the way round and then finish slip stitching around all the other circles you have joined. Once you are done, you will have a long thin strip of joined circles.

And now looks like this

Repeat three times and then another three times using only 9 circles. You should end up with four strips of 10 joined circles and three strips of 9 joined circles.

You are now ready to join the rows!

Joining rows
Turn all rows to the WS. Take one 10 circle row and using contrasting yarn (Macaw) join to a 9 circle row with slip stitch into Row 4 slip stitches NOT the slip stitches you made to join the circles. This will make your rug more sturdy.

Keep on alternating short and long rows of circles until you’re done. Use your long ends from each circle to join the circles more firmly to each other as you work away all the ends. There are a lot!

Slip stitch around the entire rug to give it a nice finish. Depending on the yarn you used, this may not be necessary.

2014-06-29 19.15.55



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  1. looks good, may try this with my crochet club, get them all to make some circles and then join them as a group.

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