Knitting the Skies

This weekend has been one in a million. Although my washing and ironing baskets are far from empty, and the house could do with a bit of a scrub, I am more content than I’ve been for a while. Why? Perhaps I allowed a bit of whimsy and nonsense to dominate my actions which has left a smile on my face as I mentally gear up for Monday.

On Friday, we bought a house. And on Saturday, we went to spend the night in our “new” house before the builders take over on Monday. The boys wanted to camp but I had every intention of sleeping under the roof, albeit on an air-bed and sleeping bag. We had a picnic dinner whilst we were planning rooms and hotly debating the use of space. We lit lanterns against the approaching summer night and listened to raindrops through the leaves in the garden. And a little spontaneously, we all decided that sleeping inside on such a balmy summer’s evening was a waste so we fell asleep looking at the night sky. Barmy really but wonderful all at the same time.

And whilst I was watching the night sky waiting to spot a shooting star or UFO, I suddenly remembered three knitting projects which perfectly sum up my evening. Celestarium,



Equatorial Nights


and Southern Skies

southern skies

have been on my favourites list for quite a while. How wonderful to knit the skies as you see it from your part of the world. I have been tempted to try knitting with beads for a while and what better way than creating an accurate representation of the sky that first night in our new house. But for the fact I really should be packing, painting or organising, I would be casting on right away.

Have a good week – I will certainly be starting mine with a smile.



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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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6 Responses to Knitting the Skies

  1. carla says:

    I really love the sky themed knits! They’re beautiful

  2. That’s so exciting; congrats! I always loved the Celestarium shawl.

  3. Moke says:

    Good luck in your new home. Love the astral shawls. Moke

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