Update on WIPs

There are many moving parts in my non-yarn related life right now. Perhaps as a direct result my knitting mojo is suffering. The alternate way of looking at it of course, is that it’s forging ahead on the WIP front. As ever, I have lots and lots of ideas of makes but nothing committed to paper and most certainly nothing on my needles. A quick review of my WIP basket however shows healthy growth. From the early WIPs, I’ve frogged the jumper and the wrap. The first as I dropped a stitch in the basket weave and for some reason didn’t notice until several cms afterwards (having absent-mindedly added a stitch). There was nothing for it but to start again. The wrap was fun whilst I learnt the pattern but then it quickly got ultra boring so had to go. I am however, left with a promise to my son to finish his rug.

It starts like this

It started life like this

And now looks like this

And now looks like this

My main problem, apart from the rash promise, is that some of the circles are bigger than the others, and that the slip-stitch edging has puckered the circles. There is nothing for it, I’ve got to undo all the edging (there are several strips done), compare the circle sizes and almost start again. And since we’re moving again soon, I should make good my promise…

I also have this little design project on the go.

Loom scarf

It hails from the wintry days when I did a fair bit of looming. I want to create a lacy winter scarf but then it turned warm, and I hid the project.

Loom scarf

It’s also really difficult to take a photo of the pattern – it’s sort of star-shapes and looks nice in real life…

And finally there is my excursion into lace with a very gorgeous speckled silk-based yarn.

Lace wrap

It is  not perfect, but it is now officially half-way but I’ve just not picked it up in a while.

There are a “few” more things but nothing I can’t deal with. Perhaps this holiday, I will be working on cracking the WIPs rather than starting something new. Hmm. Perhaps not!


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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7 Responses to Update on WIPs

  1. bcre8v2 says:

    Really enjoyed this post. Your strategy is much like mine–when the mojo is low, WIPS represent a reasonable way to regain some momentum. Alas, there are some WIPS that need to be ignored a bit longer. When this happens, I start reading about crochet or flipping through my idea/sketchbook for inspiration. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

    • monsteryarns says:

      We’re moving house soon and all the upheaval and mess is taking my focus away from making and on to protecting my yarn! And then when it’s packed away, I pine for it and wonder when I’ll be able to unpack it finally…

  2. Hannie says:

    I think the mojo does suffer. Last week even when I wasn’t contracting sitting still and crocheting just wasn’t happening. I couldn’t focus on something that is so simple like a granny square.

    I love that rainbow seriously chunky yarn. I am working on Christmas presents when I can so have sort of banned myself from buying any yarn unless it’s for a Christmas present.

    When I’m a little more mobile do you fancy meeting up for coffee and cake or something like that? Oh and of course baby huggles, they make things better.

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