Knit + Crochet

There are so many knitters/crocheters who know exactly the type of project they’re interested in – socks, baby projects, blankets, granny squares, decorative items …the list of course is endless. I haven’t yet discovered the one thing that I would knit/crochet over and over again (except stitches of course!). I will give almost anything a try at least once*. Perhaps that’s my biggest love for the craft – the ability to try new things all the time.

Over the years however, I realise that certain projects hold more excitement. And one of these is where I can combine knitting and crochet in the finished item.

VS Crochetknit pullover

Victoria’s Secret Knit + Crochet jumper

I love tops like these – the laciness of crochet framed by the solidity of knitting. In projects I’ve put together (designed is a little high-faluting), I’ve often used both – crochet usually as a finishing touch rather than the central piece.


Crochet Shell edging and tassles on Drop-stitch Knit wrap

Knit+Crochet join

Crochet join on knitted mitres

So I was very excited to discover that there are others out there who also like this way of making things, and use crochet to add the Wow factor to the pattern. Here are a couple of beauties.

Knit+Crochet pullover

Mari Lynn Patrick’s Snowflake Sweater

Knit+Crochet turtleneck

Melange Turtleneck by Katie Himmelberg

So with head buzzing with ideas, I wish you a good week.

* Just to explain, up to about a week ago I would have omitted the word “almost” in that sentence. But then I was contacted by someone who wanted me to make willie-warmers. I will admit that I was bemused and a little shocked. Most men wouldn’t think of putting their crown jewels into something woolly, never mind requesting a total stranger to make one for them! This experience has taught me that there are certainly some things I wouldn’t make!


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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8 Responses to Knit + Crochet

  1. PJ Lightning says:

    Oh those are nice, and it could equally well be combined with loom work. And macramé. And weaving. Oh nuts! So many ideas, so little time, too many WIPs and only 1 pair of hands! 😀 I look forward to seeing your next project.

    • monsteryarns says:

      I’ve posted it on FB – it’s going to be a laptop cover knitted in entrelac.
      I’ve checked out the Turkish thing – I can’t see it and I’ve tried Firefox and Google and Internet Explorer. Are you sure it’s not something at your end? Thanks for telling me though.

      • PJ Lightning says:

        It went back into English on my next visit. I have no idea why it should have been Turkish for that one day. Very odd. I shad simply used the link from the email to get here.

  2. PJ Lightning says:

    btw, for some reason a large part of this web page is showing in Turkish. I don’t recall it being like that before.

  3. Helen says:

    My Mum has made a beautiful cardigan with crochet panels in the front and then stitched into a knitted cardi- it’s the nicest thing she has ever knitted/ crocheted and she wears it a alot.

  4. edithwilson says:

    i need help with adog coat a quick pattern edith w39

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