Ill-behaved Projects

There are projects that don’t ever feel right. It doesn’t matter what you do – there is a little voice nagging to change/add/undo/redo something about it. My current ill-behaved project is this summer top I made last year.

summer Top

It’s DK 100% cotton, and although difficult to tell from the photo, it has a nice sheen and heavy drape. I wanted something to “throw over” a T-shirt or bikini top. I wore it quite happily last summer but every time I had it on, I remembered that the sleeve and bottom hem were not quite to my liking as they didn’t feel finished off.

So this year, I bought some additional yarn in a contrast colour and added some more hemming. Because I didn’t follow a pattern (!) I feel even more free to add as I go along.

summer top

The sleeves are not most definitely bell-shaped and the hem matches with the neckline. And that voice is still not quiet. Now it’s saying that it’s too short for a tunic but too long for a top. And a touch too baggy for me. And so I’ve been thinking of how to fix it. I mean, how long is a tunic meant to be anyway? Long enough to cover a bikini? Longer?Shorter? I’m not sure I have the confidence any more to wear something that doesn’t cover fully. And anyway, I made this top bottom up so there is no way to easily fix the length, unless I add to it. And if I do, it will just look like I’ve added to it as an afterthought. That voice just won’t be quiet.

So it goes on. Perhaps the only thing to do is to give it away to someone taller and perhaps a little more curvaceous than me. That would fix it!

summer top

Do you have project like that? Surely, I’m not the only one…

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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2 Responses to Ill-behaved Projects

  1. bcre8v2 says:

    A couple of ill-behaved projects come to mind. First, a felted fedora I made for an arts and crafts holiday sale. I used a vintage tie as a hat band and always liked the look of the hat. The problem: It looked terrible on nearly everyone that tried it on. After about a year of being displayed in shows and in a local shop, I decided to redo the thing. I refelted it to make it smaller, removed the tie hat band and am now tinkering with a different embellishment. It definitely has a better fit; I just need to find the right embellishments to make it into something special. The second project was a slouchy beret made out of chunky yarn. It looked like an unflattering shower cap on just about everyone. I took it out of circulation and added a ribbed edge to make it fit better around the face. It sold the next time I put it out. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I enjoy your blog.

    • monsteryarns says:

      I love the fact you have the honesty to say it like it is – “unflattering shower cap”. Love it! So glad that you turned both projects round. I suppose that’s the main thing in the end.
      And thanks for reading. Each time I post, I wonder if I’ve done the right thing. Great to hear that you like it : )

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