Ode to Knitters*

Throughout this blog, includes those who crochet!

This week has been phenomenal. Boys have been bringing home good exam results showing to them (again) that work is its own reward. We’re buying a house. And I’ve realised what I’ve been missing in life for so long – passion for my work. In the shadow of redundancy and in the fear of not being able to make a living, I’ve forgotten to expect happiness at work. And I now realise how wrong that is.

And what has that got to do with knitting, perhaps you’re pondering. For me, everything. I knit because of all the stresses in life. Because it gives me such joy and pleasure. Perhaps I would knit less (and not be telling you about it at all) if everything else in life was exactly how I wanted it. I doubt that, but it’s a possibility.


And whilst I was thinking about all of these, I realised what a wonderful, well-rounded, talented and supportive group of individual knitters are.

  • We have the eye of an interior designer, picking colours, textures and patterns that fit well together;
  • We have the mind of mathematicians, working out exactly by how many stitches we need to increase/decrease to make that garment fit our curves and not those of a model;
  • We have the patience of saints, redoing, undoing, knitting back, as many times as it takes to make the project perfect;
  • We have the tenacity and perseverance through adversity of the greatest leaders, dragging our projects through the highs and lows, the incredulous stares from our loved ones, to final glorious conclusion;
  • And last but not least, we make the best friends – always there in times of need, supportive, never critical and forever willing to listen to knitty woes long past the time that our families have ceased caring.

Like any profession, there are so few who make it to the top, who can see their designs loved and worn by hundreds if not thousands of people. However, I am content to be part of this knitty world because of the satisfaction that knitting brings me and the support from all my knitty friends. Thank you.

About monsteryarns

I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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6 Responses to Ode to Knitters*

  1. bcre8v2 says:

    Agree, agree! Whether knitting or crocheting, the art of expressing oneself with yarn, color and pattern is infinitely rewarding.

  2. Helen says:

    where there is life there is knitting/ other craft to suit. It fills the holes in the soul and makes us whole.
    Sending you love- knitty/ crochety and properly.

  3. hardknitlife says:

    Very well said 🙂 It’s amazing that 2 sticks and some string can become so many different, beautiful things and bring so many people together!!

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