Dog Coats – Wrong or with Angel Wings?

Picture this: a small dog with characterful facial hair wearing a dog-coat which leans slightly towards the loud. What sort of owner would you associate with this sort of canine? I have to be honest, but I always scoffed at dogs in coats and secretly at their owners. I mean, you never see a serious dog wearing a coat do you? Why anthropomorphise animals?

And this is where my dilemma starts. I am the owner of a mid-sized (on the small side of middle) dog. She appears in a few of my photos and even in my video. I am embarrassingly “in love” with her as she is my first dog ever and I’ve wanted a dog ever since I was a little girl. Two weeks ago she had a healthy trim – read shorn. And since then, she is cold. And shivers. A lot. And we’re off to colder climes soon for a long weekend. I’m sure you’ve picked up where this is leading to.

Should I do it? Should I knit my pooch a coat to stop her shivers? I’m thinking tasteful stripes or perhaps a little colour work showing a snazzy pair of wings.

angel wings

My family have been uncharacteristically unsupportive. In fact, laughing at the idea is closer to the truth. I’ve been accused of earning yet another stripe towards my “batty-old-woman” monicker.

Should I add a coat?




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17 Responses to Dog Coats – Wrong or with Angel Wings?

  1. PJ Lightning says:

    She’s cold, that’s all that counts. Give her a coat. Not sure about the angel wings though.

  2. Annette says:

    You Just Got to make her a coat!! My two have one each!!! They wear them after they’ve been the dog groomers!!! Why should they feel cold?? there part of the family arnt they?.. and make it with Wings!! You may even get “orders” for them!!! Let her be Individual and spread the creativity of her owner mummy!!!

    • monsteryarns says:

      I’m really sold on the idea of wings as she is soooo lazy! But I’ve got two weeks only to design, knit and get her to wear it, so I’m thinking perhaps a plain one to start with and then the winged one when I have a little more time : )

    • I agree! pooh on anyone who doesn’t support you in it. If it makes you happy, do it! As far as timing, Can you make a plain one that wings can be added to later?

  3. Carole C says:

    I crocheted a coat for my friend’s whippet….she feels the cold if she’s not covered up at night ( the whippet ,not my friend !) and whinges until someone gets up to sort her out !
    I’m in France and B is in England ,so she sent over all the relevant measurements and I just sort of winged it through what turned out to be a very badly written free pattern on Ravelry and amazingly it fitted . I decided on crochet as it would grow faster than knitting…..I’m doing a stripey one for her now as Gracie just loves wearing her coat .
    I would say def go for it…..maybe not with the wings though 🙂

  4. Linda says:

    Put a sweater or something on the girl. Just because Mother Nature is having hissy fits this spring doesn’t mean your puppy dog needs to be uncomfortable. There is a reason for dog fur. Even my big, tough black lab was cold a few days this winter and probably would have appreciated an extra layer on his body. Mostly I have to worry about him overheating in the summer. As to your beloved companion – no angel wings. Just a nice sweater – any color you want. But no wings. A dog has dignity.

    • monsteryarns says:

      That’s my problem you see – she has huge amounts of breeding and dignity. It’s ME that feels the coat needs to be slightly ludicrous. Another example of how humans need the training and not the dogs!

  5. whatzitknitz says:

    The dog is shivering …how can your family be so cold and not want her to have a coat?????
    My dog has only been shorn twice both for surgeries but both during warmer months. But if it were in a cold month I would have knit her a coat with wings because she is my angel.

    • monsteryarns says:

      I’m playing it safe with a reasonably plain one to start with that I’ve just cast on. No doubt, there will be a second and third. So the colourwork wings will come later.

  6. maureen15 says:

    definitely make her a coat! I have two dogs who both love wearing their sweaters (seriously, when I get them out they run over to me and fight over who gets theirs on first), the only thing to consider is to use a yarn that won’t get too static-y and that can be kind of tough.

  7. If your dog is cold, then it’s up to you to find a way to keep her warm. There are many coat patterns available that are not “cutesy” and will serve to keep her warm and cozy. I might smile at angel wings myself, but I have large short haired dogs who are not amused at being laughed at. 🙂

    • monsteryarns says:

      She is smallish, always looks woebegone and is the most unenthusiastic walker. I love her to bits and cast on a plain-ish sweater for her. But I can feel the wings will happen to her next coat!

  8. Is there even a question?! She has to have a coat! And it has to have wings!!

  9. georgiasong says:

    Absolutely make her a coat if it keeps her warm. That’s a no-brainer ! 🙂

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