I-Cord Video Tutorial – My First Video

In the second year of Monster Yarns, I thought I’d embrace video tutorials. Here’s my first – to show you how to make an I-Cord. If I have this correct, the “I” stands for Idiot and it was coined by the late and great Elizabeth Zimmerman. Not to be mistaken for the current love of “i” to prefix anything trendy.

Hope you enjoy it. I realise that there is room for improvement. I sat in my local park to shoot it, and there is some wind and toddler interference.  However, there was just no way I was sitting inside on such a gloriously sunny weekend. Kindest thanks to my elder son who edited the slight pig’s ear clips into something useable.

I-Cord is fantastically versatile. Use it for almost anything.

About monsteryarns

I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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