Valentine’s Day Knitting

It’s almost that magical day. Are you stumped for that special present for your loved one? I’m a bah-humbug person around Valentine’s Day – although I was the lucky recipient of a very romantic, down-on-one-knee-with-ring-in-hand proposal a good number of years ago on this special lovers’ day. So, I may not be wearing away my needles in time for February 14th, but here are a few ideas for your Valentine’s Day knitting.

Valentine Mittens and Socks from Drops

Drops Valentine Mittens

 valentine's socks

Valentine Wreath

Valentine WreathHand-made Valentine card

Valentine card

Heart patterned Baby Blanket

heart baby blanketHeart garland

heart garland

I tried to keep the patterns useful! A Very Happy Valentine’s day to all of you.

About monsteryarns

I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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4 Responses to Valentine’s Day Knitting

  1. lollyknits says:

    I love those mittens!! They are super cute.

    I’m pranking my boyfriend for Valentine’s day, I think that’s a better way to show my love than buying a ton of expensive crap. I do like the knitted heart card though.

    • I used to so love Valentine’s day when I was young. Now I really hate it. I prefer a small daily kindness than the expensive rubbish on one day in the year. A prank sounds just perfect!
      Having said that, I really love the mittens – I’m thinking of making them in navy/white or bottle/white.
      Good to hear from you and have a good Valentines : )

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