A Promise Kept and more Knitting Ribbing

Ladies and Gentlemen – the day has finally dawned (and believe me it is a Red Letter Day in my calendar) when I can reveal my finished design for my son’s jumper. It has been a road filled with bumps, dead-ends, u-turns and some frustration. On the positives, I have ticked every single request from my son to be included in the jumper and it hasn’t killed me! Here it is.



I wanted to use some very bright yarn and was at one stage experimenting with fluorescent green. I think it looked great but my son wasn’t that convinced. He asked for textures and we discussed “manly” designs for quite some time. I was surprised that he doesn’t like cables. How much more manly can you get than some cables down the front of a jumper? So a decision of ribbing was arrived at. Every stitch in this jumper is ribbing.


I started with a cabled 1 x 1 rib, followed by more 1 x 1 rib but alternating on the wrong side with all knit stitches, then progressed to 2 x 2 ribbing for the neck and colourblock panels.

max4The finished item is of course not perfection – the panel on the sleeves should really be the same width as the panel on the sides but I miscalculated the leanness of my son and/or the size of the sleeves. If I had made the side panels wider, the jumper would swamp his frame but the sleeves really did need to be much bigger. Well, he’s not complaining. The other end of the sleeve looks a lot better.
max3So my son has taught me a lot about custom-making an item. Don’t give too much colour choice is definitely one. Poor boy was somewhat dazzled by the choice of four colourways (eight colours in total). It’s the maternal instincts that took over in the end when I noticed his eyes light up as he spotted the green/lime combination – rather than the polite “That’s nice”. The other thing I learnt is not to over-complicate things. However, the least said on that the better!
All that remains is to hope that this jumper will wear well, not be lost and that getting covered in oil/mud/various types of muck will not be in the immediate future.




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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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