Woodland Whimsy Crochet Pattern Giveaway |

Whilst I’m taking a short break from original content writing, I thought I’d share this Give Away with you. Some of the patterns are so special, it’s worth a go to see if you win.

Wish me luck sorting out different aspects of life so that I can return to my blog!

Woodland Whimsy Crochet Pattern Giveaway | Petals to PicotsPetals to Picots.

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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6 Responses to Woodland Whimsy Crochet Pattern Giveaway |

  1. Susan mann says:

    This is very pretty x

  2. Mary jo says:

    Sorting out and making sense of our busy and chaotic lives is the hardest thing we do as Moms. I wish you luck and hope that you take time for yourself while you figure out things. I wish you scrumptious wool and your favorite needle or hook to keep you company so you can calmly meditate in your down time. If I lived closer I could drop by with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and we could knit together.
    Good luck!!

    • I very much appreciate your words of support and truly wish you could come round! It is difficult to accept that I’ve taken on more than I can handle in the long term and to decide how best to move on. It’s at times like these I most miss my mother. I hope to be more myself soon.

  3. Helen says:

    I really like both the patterns here- if only I could make sense of the vintage crochet jacket I am doing- was going so well til I got to the neck!

    Loads of hugs and happiness. In person if you need them. I do a mean chocolate brownie which is the locally preferred stress medication!
    Like you juggling family, work and life and spending most of my time feeling guilty one way or another. trying really hard to realise that I am fabulous at being me and therefore have no need to try to be like anyone else. sometimes it even works for a bit.
    Remember that you are fabulous. You have the love and support of everyone around you which you can wrap around you to keep you even warmer than your legendary 3 in one scarf.

    • Thank you Helen! Hugs and virtual chocolate brownies gratefully received. I suppose working out who it is I’m trying to be amongst all the personas I have has made me a little tired – too much choice is not always a good thing : )

  4. So many patterns….so little time….

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