Epiphany over Fingerless Gloves

There are items of clothing that I don’t “get”. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone. I know my boys don’t get the purpose of hats or slippers and my  husband thinks polo necks were designed to be worn only by models in the ’70s. I heartily disagree with them all but my item was most definitely fingerless gloves. I remember making a pair in the ’80s when they were all the rage. I wore it half-heartedly and all I got was sweaty palms and icy fingers. I’ve safely avoided them since then.

That is until I had an email from Valerie at Valerie Baber Designs that I have won a pair of her Urban Flair Lace Hand-warmers AND that I had a choice of colours!


It’s always thrilling to receive someone else’s handiwork. It reminds me of being knitted for when I was younger. It is very special to have something made just for you. My beautiful hand-warmers arrived. Thank you so much Valerie.



Around the same time, I held a few knitting loom workshops and one of the ladies made these.



And I’ve got to admit, I was a little covetous. This also coincided with my having to travel for a few weeks for work (not  yarn related I’m afraid) and I had cold hands. However each time I’d put my gloves on, the phone would ring, or I’d  need to consult the map or take a ticket out for a tram. There was just no way to keep on those gloves. I recalled that I had a few “stray” skeins of yarn just in the right weight and colour to make up some fingerless gloves as soon as I got home. So here they are.



They were made with one skein of Adriafil Mistero (chunky) on the smallest (blue) knitting loom in about hour and half. I finished off with a crochet edging. I love the gentle change of colours. And the warmth!


I used e-wrap throughout, 30 rows to the thumb and then 12 rows after.

So my conversion is complete. Thanks so much Valerie.

About monsteryarns

I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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9 Responses to Epiphany over Fingerless Gloves

  1. mudarissa says:

    Ooh I do like those and I have loved fingerless since the 70’s. I’ve never used a knitting loom and feel it is definitely something to look into as it sounds like a very quick process. Thank you. I always find ur posts so inspiring;)

  2. PJ Lightning says:

    I’ve been making fingerless gloves by finger-knitting. They aren’t as neat as yours of course, but took just over an hour to make a pair. I tried doing a pair on a loom, but it seemed to take ages. I may have another go after seeing yours though. My mistake on the loom was to try to do it the same way as finger-knitting, ie 3 strands of wool! The finger-knitted ones are very chunky and do tend to acquire holes near the seam, but are very useful at work when it gets cold in the office.

    ps the icon to log in via FB doesn’t work for me. It just gives a ‘connecting to FB’ bar which never goes away until I cancel.

    • Hello!
      Looms and multistranded yarn is a real pain. The yarn I used was meant to be used with 6mm needles and it turned out fine on the loom without it being held double. If you put the extra pegs in the loom then you can use DK or even finer yarn but there is a lot of fiddling around involved…
      I’ve had a look to see what the FB problem could be and I’ve reinstalled the app. I hope it works now – thanks for letting me know.
      Speak soon.

  3. I’ve actually been looking for a good, all-over ribbed pattern like that…I thought it would be more forgiving on size. do you have a source for that pattern? thanks! 🙂

    • The source is me. It’s really as easy as I have written on the blog if you’re using a round loom. You’d need to sort out the tension with the yarn you’re using with needles/hooks. Otherwise, I’ve seen a similar ones on Ravelry for download.

  4. sandeleh says:

    I’m glad to hear you have finally seen the light! I’ve been making fingerless gloves for myself and others for years. I don’t heat my house in the winter, and my hands are always cold. When I’m wearing my mitts, I can knit and crochet and loom to my heart’s content without having frozen hands!

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