Vintage Knitting Patterns – Vote for your Favourite Pose

I love browsing second-hand shops and flea markets. And I always look for interesting books on knitting and of course patterns. I love the 50s and 60s patterns which are mostly ingenious, sometime ludicrous (knitted knickers in mohair?!) but always bring a smile. I’ve recently started looking through 70s patterns in recognition of the fact that the decade also brought new styles which may be worth recreating.

It was during one of my forages that I came across a priceless booklet from Bellmans – a series of patterns for men’s jumpers: cardigan, round-neck, v-neck and polo neck. So far so good. And then the specific hue of mustard yellow, which is usually a colour I like, hit my eyes in a very only-in-the-70s shade. But I knew I just HAD to have the booklet when I examined the faces of the models.

Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg JpegI sincerely hope that no other decade will insist on models posing with such a look on their faces – do you think the photography studios generated bad air to help these poor men hold these rather ludicrous looks?

So which is your favourite pose? I’m rather torn between the two men standing – the one with the dimple is obviously trying hard not to laugh at what he is wearing and the one on the left is a passive aggressive with the earnest raised fist held to his chest.

And of course in case you’re still confused by the photos as to who the patterns are aimed at, the first page of the booklet makes it very clear.


This was worth every single penny in laughs!



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2 Responses to Vintage Knitting Patterns – Vote for your Favourite Pose

  1. lollyknits says:

    I like passive aggressive guy, who is totally channeling Captain Kirk.

    • OMG! You are so right. I didn’t notice that.
      Read your comment in a snooty Swiss coffee bar and spilled my coffee whilst giggling. I was not a wanted customer 🙂

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