Update on Fluorescent Yarn

Back in September (can’t believe that was nearly TWO months ago!), I wrote about Fashion’s returning love affair with fluorescent yarn. I’m still working on the main creation but since time is my enemy at the moment, I thought I’d show you what I’ve done so far for smaller projects aimed as gifts.

Many of you who commented last time said that children and fluorescent colours mix well. And sure enough, the first item off my needles was a hat for my younger son.



Using navy and orange yarn in a fun cup-cake or even ice-cream like pattern (increase on every other edge and decrease on every other edge) with a massive bobble on the top, he will certainly be noticed in the dark. Most of the colour is provided by the contrast with the navy – the orange on its own is a little flat.

He liked his hat so much that he made me one! Apologies for being the proud Mum but here he is, working away on his loom at one of the craft fairs he came with me to.

max andloomPlease note the snacks laid out in front of him, the pie cushion behind his head (perhaps you recognise it from an earlier post) and the blurred hand (he’s a born fidget). His finished item is a delight. With a little help from me (edging), the entire work is his own and I will wear it with undisguised pride.



He used the same chunky orange and picked a meadow green to go with it.

And finally, I’ve been using the fluorescent colours to make this creation. I have a black and white winter coat that needs bright scarves to give it an edge. I love this pink and the softest baby merino light and dark grey to go with it.


The scarf itself is four strips of 140 cm length fabric and two 200 cm i-cord. Then I spent an inordinate time fighting off my cat to weave them together.


Once  I got his claws out of the way, the rest was easy. Well, sort of.

And as a final update – do you remember this?



I now also made this:



This one is frillier and a little longer – the silver grey yarn is a DK so rather than casting on 200, I had to cast on 350. Then garter stitch for 5 inches and finally attach the blue/grey/black scarf yarn. I can honestly say that attaching and casting off left me ready to die with boredom, but on the other hand, I like the outcome. My photos are taken in a North facing room so the colours are even more cool than in real life. The scarf yarn is more green than seems in these photos.

So on to the next thing – 100% silk cable and lace scarf sample…I’m really looking forward to it and dreading making a mistake in equal measure. It all has to be done by Sunday, so I’d better run!  Hope you’re liking these wintry ideas and that they will keep you warm.


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5 Responses to Update on Fluorescent Yarn

  1. caityrosey says:

    I was just talking to someone about this flourescent trend this weekend. I remembered the flourescent surge in the ’80s, but I forgot that it was also a thing in the late 60’s. I’m too young to have experienced that. And part of me thinks only of hippies wearing earth tones.

    • I hated the fluorescent rage in the 80s and my Mother didn’t wear any in the 60s either. I’m not sure why I’m so intrigued by it now! Perhaps because I enjoy colours more.
      I’m also really intrigued by how mixing non-fluorescent colours in a project can make one look really bright without actually being “glowg in the dark”.

  2. Love that your son made you a hat! It’s got to be extra touching (if a bit mind-boggling) when someone you’ve knit so lovingly for knits you something in return. Also very jealous that you’re working with 100% silk. I’ve done it once before and it really is a sublime experience.

    • I’m a ludicrously proud Mum in a long-line of proud Mums so every time I look at the hat I feel like bursting with happiness! Specifically as the poor kid was stuck with me in a rather slow craft fair the whole day and he’d left his DS at home. After initial squirming and whingeing, he suggested that he wants to learn to loom and he’s now hooked!
      The 100% silk is lovely. I’m finding it a little splitty so need to be careful. And of course it’s slippy. But I’ve finished a sample for a cable and lace workshop I’m working towards and will be writing a post about the outcome soon. 🙂

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