Time for Knitted Slippers

Now that Autumn chills have most definitely arrived, and having made the decision to finally get rid of our “inherited” carpets, I realised that it was high time I started large scale slipper production. I used to have an annual Slippers-for-Boys weekend but for the last couple of years, this has fallen into disuse. I think I need to resurrect the knitted slipper.

Over the years I created pixie boots (very cute)


Slipper socks (not popular unless could also be worn in bed) (pattern curtesy of Green Dragonfly)


Monster feet (endless source of mirth and pattern available here)


And felted slippers (the best and here in their pre-felted state)


These were very long lasting as I lined the soles with off-cuts from a suede waistcoat of my husband’s which was meant for the charity shop but I was too embarrassed to ever drop it off.

The boys are now past the age of novelty footwear and I fear slippers too. However I’m guessing that sooner or later cold feet will push them towards wearing these:


They are super easy to knit up. A pair can easily be started and finished in a rainy Sunday afternoon whilst supervising homework (the joys of parenthood!). They are washable (cannot stress the importance), mould to the feet without slipping off and very forgiving on fast growing feet.


I used felting yarn on the soles for added padding and a variegated yarn on the tops which actually matches almost perfectly. Although that was not the intention, it looks quite nice. There is no need to use two colours or variegated colours if you’re aiming for more conservative footwear. And of course if you want more decoration, you can easily whip up a crochet/knitted flower or interesting button or two to add.


Happy warm feet!

Pattern adopted from Ravelry 


Chunky yarn, optionally in two contrasting colours (any yarn which is recommended to be knitted with 7mm or larger needles).

5.5mm needles or size needed for gauge. (The slippers are worked flat and then sewn.)

2 Stitch markers

Tapestry needle


13 stitches per 10cm in stockinette stitch.

If your gauge is smaller, so will your slippers. Fear not, just cast on extra stitches!


Ladies’ Size M – approx UK size 5 or EUR 38 but the slippers are stretchy so will accommodate a longer foot.



Using one colour, Cast on 50sts using a long-tail method.

Row 1: K25, PM, K25.

Row 2: * K1, M1, K23, M1, K1 * twice. (54sts)

Row 3 and all odd rows: K.

Row 4: * K1, M1, K25, M1, K1 * twice. (58sts)

Row 6: * K1, M1, K27, M1, K1 * twice. (62sts)

Row 8: * K1, M1, K29, M1, K1 * twice. (66sts)

Row 10: * K1, M1, K31, M1, K1 * twice. (70sts)

Row 12: (Remove marker as you come to it.) * K1, M1, K33, M1, K1 * , M1, repeat * (75sts)

Cut yarn if using two colours. If not, continue with Instep instructions.


Using second colour, if chosen, attach yarn.

Row 1: K.

Row 2: P33, PM, P9, PM, P33.

Row 3: K26, ssk twice, K3tog, K9, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2tog twice, K26. (67sts)

Row 4: P.

Row 5: K22, ssk twice, K3tog, K9, sl1, k2tog, psso, k2tog twice, K22. (59sts)

Row 6: P.

Row 7: K34, ssk.

Row 8 (WS): sl1, P9, p2tog.

Row 9: sl1, K9, ssk.

Row 10: sl1, P9, p2tog.

Rows 11-26: as Rows 9-10. (39sts)

Row 27: sl1, K9, ssk, (DO NOT TURN!) K13. (38sts)

Row 28: (Remove markers as you come to it.) P23, p2tog, P13. (37sts)

Cut yarn if using two colours. If not, continue with Cuff instructions.


Using first colour, if chosen, attach yarn.

Rows 1-2: K.

Bind off in knit stitch.


Using a flat seam, join sole and back seam.


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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2 Responses to Time for Knitted Slippers

  1. mudarissa says:

    Love, love, love these. will definitely be getting some suitable wool to start knitting some soon. Thank you so much for sharing:)

  2. Thanks for the great patterns!

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