All About Knitting Looms

I’ve recently discovered knitting looms again. I recall when I was 8 or 9, not really getting the point of doilly knitting – do you remember those narrow strips of wool those produced? I still don’t know what is the best use for those.

Then along came knitting looms. They looked a bit odd and unwieldy and I just wasn’t sure. And then knitting looms with gadgets appeared and I was hooked. loomround

So for the benefit of the uninitiated, each loom kit comes with four differently sized and coloured looms. Each loom has a defined number of pegs on it, which determines the size of the yarn which can be used – usually aran and chunkier and of course the size of the garment. The distance between the pegs meant that many loom knitted items were either very chunky and really best used for accessories or had large stitch sizes and were rather floppy as a result. Fine but not versatile. Now, however, you have looms with a hole in between each existing peg. This means that you can insert additional pegs which reduce the gap between each peg meaning you can use DK and even finer yarn. For knitting looms this is pretty revolutionary.

I’ve made a number of items with my set. I started small with a cafetiere warmer. We all need one I suppose.


I worked up steam for a simple cowl.

Jpeg Jpeg

And then I pushed the boat out to make a Christmas stocking. With DK yarn.Jpeg

I’m warming to the theme of knitting looms. It’s perfect for presents for children, or for those who just want a craft which is a bit different, or those who have always avoided knitting/crochet as they just didn’t “get it” or even for those for whom DPNs or knitting in the round was just too off putting.


The real beauty is that the looms can be used to knit projects in the flat – just wrap backwards and forwards along the loom rather than in rows and there is no limit to the types of items that can be produced, patterns, cable and even lace knitting. So it’s as versatile as using knitting needles.

Patterns can be a bit of a problem. However, I found that with a little time the Internet produced fantastic results. Here are some of the more fruitful sources:

1. – a blog for loom knitters explaining techniques, stitches and with free patterns.

2. Lion – US yarn manufacturer with a wide range of free patterns, including those for looms.

3. My Tea Cup – long list of patterns to make using looms.

4. Gettin’ It Pegged – blog with patterns and tutorials.

In fact the more you look, the more there is. I also hear that someone is compiling all knitting loom patterns on one site to be ready in 2014!

Now that I’ve mastered the round knitting loom, I will be attempting the long loom. Never sit still…

loomlongThis uses a slightly different technique and can produce double knitted fabric very quickly. I’m quite intrigued! For those interested in the round knitting looms, I’m offering free workshops in the coming weeks. You pay only for yarn used. Contact me for more information.


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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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5 Responses to All About Knitting Looms

  1. PJ Lightning says:

    Hi, I’m the woman who spoke to you in St Paul’s a few weeks ago. The one with a knitting loom in a bag who said ‘snap’. 😀
    I have made a couple of socks with one of your smaller straight looms, also a warm knitted hat. The hat scarf I was making that day is also finished but I dropped a couple of stitches right at the front so won’t be wearing it without the other hat underneath. My jumper is progressing fairly nicely on your long straight loom with all the pegs in.
    Since I spoke to you, I have taken up drop spinning and felting and currently have so many ideas for projects that I hardly know where to start. I am currently attempting a sock made with home spun wool. It’s single knit as my spinning hasn’t progressed to plying yet but the thread is definitely thick enough! LOL!
    Hope to bump into you again sometime in St Pauls and get another set of new system looms. Round ones this time.


    • Hi Joan,
      I remember you clearly and thanks for getting in touch!!
      I am seriously impressed that you’ve started spinning. It’s something I’ve been meaning to try for a while. I’ve felted a bag recently – it’s also on the blog. I love it!
      I’m not sure if I can make the next St Paul’s event as I may have to be travelling that weekend (work gets in the way of fun!). But you can always come to another event – the knitting groups or perhaps another local fair?
      Check the website for the dates.
      I’d love to see some of your felting and hand-spun yarn…
      Kind Regards,

      • PJ Lightning says:

        I just bought a knitting loom kit you may like. It’s called Martha Stewart Knit and Weave Loom Kit.
        It comes in pieces that you assemble into whichever size loom you need, and you have a choice of 2 different sized pegs to push in. The pegs are a bit loose so you have to be careful when working to not pull them out, but on the other hand I think there might be scope for patterning there by swapping thin pegs for fat ones mid pattern. I have started a blog about learning to use the drop spindle, and tonight I am going to attempt to build me a kick spindle. I’ll be posting pics etc on the blog. I did give your site a mention in one post but haven’t quite got the hang of posting links in there yet. I tried a youtube video link yesterday and I forgot to check if it worked.
        ~goes to check…meh, it didn’t link.
        Oh well, I’ll figure it out. Here’s the blog anyhow:-

  2. I’ve never used a loom, but looks interesting. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

    • Well, I’m itching to try the long looms too…double sided knitting has always attracted me.
      But I’ve got some ideas for a jumper too. Just not enough hours in the day : )

      Hope you’re well and thanks for your visit.

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