Time to let go of Summer – Crochet Zig-zag Cushion

It’s a mini Indian Summer at the moment. What better opportunity to give you the (almost) final chapter in my holiday creation – a zig-zag cushion. It does need to be said that it has been sat on, thrown about, generally abused by three boys and a dog for the last six weeks. All in all, it is bearing up well, although some of the holding stitches will need to be strengthened.


It was an absolute doddle to crochet – a seven stitch zig-zag stitch. The only fiddly thing is to make sure you do single crochet for the centre “flower” on both sides and when changing colours, to finish off the double stitch using the new colour yarn you’ve chosen, so that there is no “jump”.

JpegI used standard DK with a mix of wool and acrylic content so that the cushion cover is machine washable.

The project starts of with a very long chain followed by setting the zig-zag pattern. This is perhaps the most challenging.



Then it’s just a question of choosing what order and what width you want your stripes. I knew I wanted an obvious mid-way, which looked like this before the filling:


and now looks like this:


This is a really easy and satisfying project – perfect to give a little zing to any room.

In fact, a lovely lady at the knitting group has just finished this beauty using the same stitch. She’s expecting a baby boy in November and used DK baby yarn which has a lovely sheen to it.


And that’s almost all my holiday creations. I wish I could show you the final thing but it is very not finished. So perhaps a little later in the year.

Thank you to all the new followers – especially those who came to see me in my new home.

I will have more free patterns coming soon in readiness for the winter, Christmas and a new ways of creating fabric without using needles or hooks. I’m determined to get everyone making things!  Have a good week.

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I am a yarn enthusiast and knitter.
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5 Responses to Time to let go of Summer – Crochet Zig-zag Cushion

  1. Febr12 says:

    I really love these zig-zag patterns, looks great!

    I can’t see the “comments” button, nor the “like” button on my wordpress reader anymore (while I still can for the others). They don’t show up, perhaps you should know …

    • Thanks. It’s to do with the move. I will try to install a like button (at the moment it’s only a FB one). It’s taking me a while to work things out as I don’t write code!

      • Febr12 says:

        It just wanted to let you know in case you wouldn’t know about it, don’t worry about it.
        Looks great b.t.w.

      • Thanks – I really appreciate that. Especially now I know you’ve gone to extra trouble to get in touch : )
        I was wondering why my comments and Likes fell through the floor….

      • I’ve added a Like button – hope it works! Comments box is eluding me as yet….

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