Baby Wrap-Cardigan Pattern

I didn’t want to stop blogging whilst on holiday and there is a good chance you missed this pattern first time round….

So it has taken me longer than I thought but here it is – the orange, lilac and pink yarn has been transformed into a pretty Baby Wrap Cardigan. The beauty of this pattern is that it is knitted as one, so fewer fiddly seams AND your creativity can be expressed in the pattern for the border and sleeve.


Baby Wrap Cardigan

This wrap is knitted in one starting at the right front. Eliminating the shoulder seams will make the cardigan more comfortable for Baby. You can be as creative as you like with the pattern on the sleeves and hem – plain stockinette, basketweave, ribbing, or the rice stitch which I’ve used in the photo.

New born and 3 months
Larger size in brackets.

Two (three) 50g balls of baby yarn suitable to knit on 3mm needles.
Pair of 3mm needles.
3 small buttons

Gauge 26sts and 36 rows = 10×10 cm

Right Front Cast on 45 (49) stitches
1st row *K1, P1*, repeat from * to * to end of row
2nd row *P1, K1*, repeat from * to * to end of row
3rd row Knit
4th row Purl
Repeat from row 1-4 until work measures 6.5cm (7.5 cm)
Then continue to work in stockinette stitch decreasing every second row on left side edge (with right side of work facing) in the following way: K1, Slip stitch, K1, psso
Decrease 1 stitch 21 (23) times.
There will be 24 (26) stitches left.
AT THE SAME TIME When Right Front measures 7cm (8cm) make the first buttonhole: at start of row with right side facing, K1, K2Tog, YO and K to end of row.
Make two more buttonholes with a distance of 10 (12) rows between each one.

When right front measures 13cm (15cm) at the end of next right side row add 36 (42) stitches.
Repeat Rows 1-4 on the sleeves only (or establish a pattern as you wish) until right front measures 21cm (24cm).
After working the next wrong row, leave the remaining 60 (68) stitches on hold.

Left Front
Work as right front but reverse shaping and without buttonholes. Work the decreases with the right side facing: with 3 stitches remain to end of row K2tog, K1.

Joining work
When left front measures 21cm (24cm), with right sides facing for both, cast on 19 (23) stitches for the back neckline then work the previous stitches of the Right Front previously left on hold.
Total of 139 (159) stitches.
Continue to work these stitches in pattern established until garment measures 29cm (33cm) bind off at each edge at beginning of the row 36 (42) stitches (the sleeves) and continue to work in stockinette stitch on remaining 67 (75) stitches.
When work measures 35.5cm (40.5)cm revert to pattern in Rows 1-4.
Cast off in pattern when garment measures 42 (48)cm.

Sew underarm and sides.
Sew 3 buttons on right front.

Please let me know if you want the pattern in a pdf, with chart and photo.

Baby booties to come….

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12 Responses to Baby Wrap-Cardigan Pattern

  1. 1. I cannot even handle how cute this is at the moment.
    2. I cannot Believe it came with a pattern.
    3. Have I told you lately that I love you?
    4. πŸ˜‰

  2. nothy says:

    This is adorable. I hope you have some tutorials. Not all of us are naturals!

  3. Sara Crafts says:

    Very cute. I’m loving to wrap style sweaters at the moment!

  4. Pearl says:

    Great timing! We have a new baby in the neighbourhood and that, of course, means a baby shower. Thanks for the fix πŸ™‚

  5. soknitsome says:

    Super – this cardigan is gorgeous!

  6. Debra Richards says:

    Would love this pattern. Thank you.

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